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Anti-aging treatments: at what age do you start using them?

older collagen

Smooth and smooth skin, reduced wrinkles and a healthy glow: for those who have passed a certain age, achieving this goal is often very important.

Just think of how the perception of elderly people has changed in recent decades, so much so that today they are over 70 and even eighty years old in splendid shape. The merit certainly goes to the improvement of the overall lifestyle , between medical progress and the adoption of a healthy and balanced diet which, in addition to doing the body good, also contributes to the well-being of the skin, and to the use, always more widespread, of anti-aging products.

In fact, it is possible to counteract the signs of aging from a very young age. This is confirmed by the experts of ASMFarma , an online pharmacy that also sells beauty products , who point out that you can start taking care of your skin from the age of 20-25 to avoid the onset of wrinkles.

older collagen

The importance of the beauty routine

Always remembering to remove make-up before going to bed and performing a weekly scrub to remove impurities and promote cell regeneration are among the best practices to adopt for an anti-aging beauty routine to start from a young age. Furthermore, for twenty-year-olds who want to anticipate and slow down aging, there are specific products that act delicately to revitalize the skin and strengthen its hydrolipidic film without weighing it down.

In any case, to evaluate from what age to actually start using anti-aging creams and treatments, three fundamental factors must be considered, which contribute to the appearance of the first wrinkles:

  • the type of skin ;
  • genetic predisposition ;
  • the action of external agents .

In fact, we must not forget that smog and exposure to sunlight stress the skin, favoring the onset of wrinkles. This is why it is essential to include sunscreens in your beauty routine from an early age that help protect the epidermis from UV rays , ensuring deep hydration.

Keyword: hydration

If it is true that you can start using an anti-wrinkle cream from the age of 20, from the age of 40 onwards time does not offer discounts and resorting to anti-aging treatments becomes absolutely necessary if you want to keep skin as smooth and soft.

In this regard, the keyword is: hydration. Moisturizing the skin must be the basis of the beauty routine of the over 40s, because as we age, the skin tends to become drier . Space then for rich and nourishing creams which, in addition to counteracting wrinkles, also perform a filling action, which helps to smooth the skin, eliminating superficial and expression wrinkles.

Even for those over 40, however, there are specific products based on skin type and getting advice from an expert is essential to choose the right ones. In fact, even those who approach anti-aging treatments only at a more mature age can count on the effectiveness of products that act intensively , allowing the skin to be thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and toned.

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