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Anti-wrinkle treatment with collagen threads to respect the natural beauty of the face

strands of collagen

Treating facial wrinkles without disfiguring your features is finally possible thanks to DS V-Line : a revolutionary anti- wrinkle treatment imported directly from Turkey by Beauty Specialist Valentina Coscione.

before after collagen strands

Strands of collagen VS "puncture"

Finally there is a valid alternative to the classic "puncture" of aesthetic medicine that we know very well.

These are collagen threads , apparently similar to cotton threads which, once in contact with the skin, dissolve and are absorbed on the surface, creating an immediate relaxing and plumping effect.

Unlike needle injections, collagen threads do not atrophy the muscle and, on the contrary, promote the regular cellular activity of collagen by overstimulating it.

Thanks to this painless and non-invasive treatment it is possible to take care of your skin, enhancing its uniqueness without losing or disfiguring the lines of expression.

We are talking about a treatment that lasts up to six months and involves a cycle of three sessions at a distance of two weeks from each other.

There are four fundamental components that characterize it:

  • Non-invasive , because it involves an absorption of the product on the surface
  • Painless , because no needles are used
  • Without recovery times , because unlike classic injections there is no risk of bruises or bruises appearing
  • Free of side effects , according to the numerous tests carried out in the laboratory before being marketed

The ethical message of DS V-Line

The aesthetic treatment with collagen threads carries a completely different message from the one we have been used to until today.

In fact, rather than “masking” the imperfections of age, as fillers and botox tend to do, the collagen strands prefer to take care of them.

The treatment literally puts the internal collagen cells "to work" thanks to the hyperstimulation obtained by the absorption of the product on the surface and this allows the skin to remain healthy and plumped for a long time independently.

This is why it is also a perfect treatment in terms of prevention : it is possible to carry out it from the age of 25 upwards , the age in which our collagen cells tend to slow down their activity.

The positive message of DS V-Line has conquered everyone: in fact, on 12, 13 and 14 November 2022 the brand will be present at AESTETICA in Naples, the largest beauty fair in southern Italy.

valentina coscione

When it is not possible to do it

Although it has no contraindications, we are talking about a treatment capable of overstimulating the cells and that is why anyone suffering from some types of autoimmune diseases or cancers cannot undergo them.

Furthermore, anyone who has carried out fillers must wait for at least a month to pass, while those who have carried out botox, on the other hand, at least four months.

How do collagen strands work?

There are two factors that allow the collagen strands to act correctly: the carrier serum and hyperemia .

First of all, after having prepared the skin with a peeling, it is necessary to bring it to reach the optimal temperature for the dissolution and absorption of the threads. Subsequently, the carrier serum is applied to the affected areas and, immediately after, it is possible to proceed with the application of the protagonists of the treatment that will dissolve instantly.

product photos valentina coscione

Absorption and cellular hyperstimulation are activated and favored by the intense massage performed by the professional during application.

For anyone wishing to undergo the treatment, they can inquire about the authorized centers by contacting the customer care of the official DS V-Line Italia website.

For professionals who intend to introduce the treatment within their beauty center, you can consult here all the information on the Master DS V-Line .

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