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Antibiotic and eggs, is the association really forbidden? ISSalute speaks

child eats boiled egg

Is the combination of antibiotics and eggs really forbidden or is it just another urban legend? Let's find out the truth.

While following an antibiotic-based therapy, some precautions must be taken, such as not exposing yourself to the sun. According to a kind of popular belief, it would also be advised not to eat certain foods because they lower the active ingredient of the drug. Let us dwell on the combination of antibiotics and eggs and find out if this is really the reality of the facts.

Antibiotic and eggs: is the association really forbidden?

According to an old popular belief, eggs cannot be eaten when taking an antibiotic. The reason? The food would make pharmacological treatment ineffective and, as if that were not enough, it would burden the liver. The reality of the facts, however, is a little different. Eggs, in fact, do not get along well with only some medicines, that is a particular class of broad-spectrum antimicrobials . We are talking about sulfonamides which, coupled with the consumption of an omelette or an omelette, could be ineffective. Some components of eggs, in fact, can bind to the drug in the intestine and limit its normal absorption. However, this does not happen with all other types of antibiotics .

Therefore, egg and antibiotic, in children and adults, should never be combined only when you are following a sulfonamide -based therapy. According to the ISSalute , the urban legend that prohibits the consumption of eggs in association with antibiotics originated because, in the beginning, the production process of these drugs involved the use of the albumin protein. The latter is derived from eggs, therefore the popular belief was born that their inclusion in the diet could interfere with the therapeutic action. It should be emphasized that today antimicrobial drugs are produced by chemical synthesis.

Antibiotic and egg: speak to the pediatrician

As with adults, even with regard to children there is no contraindication between the consumption of eggs and the intake of antibiotics. Obviously, it is good to remember that, at any age, it is never recommended to abuse this food.

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