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Anuptaphobia, the fear of being without a partner: symptoms and treatments

depressed single girl

Anuptaphobia is a particular syndrome that affects people who experience the single condition in a particularly negative way. Here are the symptoms and the remedies to get out of it.

Being single, in most cases, is a choice. Sometimes, however, it can happen that you find yourself without wanting to. And, for some people this is such a big problem that it becomes a condition also known as anuptaphobia.
Those who suffer from this sort of syndrome , in fact, experience the condition of being without a partner in an almost anxious way. Which brings various inconveniences both in personal and in social terms. Let's find out, therefore, the exact meaning of this word, the symptoms to recognize it and the strategies to get out of it.

Anuptaphobia: etymology and meaning

The meaning of anuptaphobia is literally fear (from phobia) of missing the wedding (from anupta).
It is therefore clear that those who suffer from it are not able to live as singles and feel the constant need to have a partner next to them. Exactly the opposite of what happens to those suffering from philophobia.

woman with eye problem
woman with eye problem

A bigger problem than you think, because it ends up becoming an obsession , leading to extreme states of anxiety or the choice to join even the wrong people, and all just to avoid feeling alone. For this reason, recognizing that you have this problem and solving it is essential in order to live a peaceful and satisfying life . All this passing from the importance of learning to feel good even on your own. Essential formula to be able to overcome the discomfort of being single.

Anuptaphobia: symptoms to watch out for

Often those who suffer from this problem are not consciously aware of it. However, the symptoms of anuptaphobia are quite recurrent and can be summarized as follows:

– Fixed thinking about being single.
– Feeling of failure at the thought of not yet having a partner.
– Guilt feelings.
Anxiety states.
Depression .
– Obsessive search for a partner.
– Settle for temporary flirting just to be with someone.
– Difficulty in ending a relationship even if unsatisfactory.
– Annihilation within the relationship.
– Willingness to please the partner in order to maintain the relationship.

This phobia can occur at any age. Statistically, however, it tends to affect women in their 30s and 40s the most. Nonetheless, an increase in male incidence has also been noted in recent years.

In recent years, a double form of this syndrome has also been found. Scholars have in fact made a distinction between active and passive anuptaphobia.
The first concerns people who are willing to fight to find a mate, even asking for help from friends or work colleagues and always trying to get appointments aimed at the purpose. In the case of passive anuptaphobia, on the other hand, the subject tends to be pessimistic, thinking that there is no longer any hope of finding someone and thus slipping into depression.
In both cases, of course, it is essential to understand that you have this problem and to look for a solution.

How to cure anuptaphobia

Although there is no real cure for anuptaphobia, it can be said that acknowledging that you have the problem is already a good first step. And to do this, it is often enough to analyze one's thoughts and understand how much stress and obsession there is behind the desire to find a partner.

depressed single girl
depressed single girl

Added to this is the will to solve it. Which can be done through a psychotherapy journey that helps to get to know each other thoroughly, understand where certain fears start from and find a solution. Often the fear of remaining single can in fact depend on traumas from the past or on incorrect or disharmonious educational models.

It is in fact very important that those with anuptaphobia problems are also able to work on themselves, to increase their self-esteem and to always question themselves. Only in this way will it be possible to feel complete even if not as a couple, arriving at finding a personal balance and enjoying all the other aspects of life. An essential requirement to be able to live well to the point of looking at love in a different way. Which, most likely, will lead to finding the right person where there is a desire (not a need).

Anuptaphobia in humans: does it exist?

We said that anuptaphobia mostly affects women. And the men ?
This disorder can also occur for them, and in recent years it seems that the incidence has increased. We are therefore talking about a real syndrome, from which it is not easy for them to get out. Therefore, the same arguments made above also apply to men: it is important first of all to recognize and admit that you have the problem and then try to solve it, even with the help of an expert.

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