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Aphonia: what it is and what are the treatments


Aphonia is a problem whose main feature is the loss of voice. Let's find out what are the possible charges and possible treatments.

We speak of aphonia when we are faced with a total loss of voice.
This problem which can be both temporary and permanent has different causes which always lead to a lesion of the larynx.
The first thing to do when you suddenly find yourself without a voice is therefore to understand the reason for what happened. The underlying problem can in fact be minor and easily resolved (as in the case of a very strong cold) or serious to the point of requiring more important treatments. Let's find out, therefore, what are the most common causes and possible treatments for aphonia.

What causes aphonia

As already mentioned, an aphonia problem can have very different causes.
These can be linked to an infection of the larynx, trauma to the organ or formations of various types. In rarer cases, it may happen that aphonia is closely linked to a psychic problem or to diseases such as Parkinson's disease .


Going more precisely to all the possible causes and, therefore, to be investigated, these are the most common:

– Pharyngitis
– Excess smoking
– Physical exhaustion
– Parkinson's disease
– Mental breakdown
– Congenital formation of the larynx
– Cancer of the larynx
– Diphtheria
Gastroesophageal reflux
– Tonsillitis
– Thyroid problems
– Exposure to excessive cold
– Ingestion of bulky objects
– Alcohol abuse
– Surgery of the larynx

In the presence of these disturbances it is therefore very important to contact your doctor who, through a careful medical history and a whole series of in-depth medical checks, will be able to make a diagnosis, going back to the cause and studying the most suitable treatment.

In case of aphonia, in fact, the cure is not linked to the lack of voice itself but to the cause that will be treated through suitable drugs or, in more serious cases, through surgery.
For this reason it is very important to act immediately when the voice fails and even when its absence is partial, a situation in which we are faced with a problem of hoarseness.

Remedies for aphonia

As already mentioned, in some cases the absence of voice can depend on a simple inflammation of the larynx caused by stress, physical overload or influences. When this occurs, aphonia can occur along with fever , sore throat, cold, cough, and difficulty breathing. Also in this case it is obviously important to consult a doctor. Once the diagnosis has been obtained, however, you can also help yourself with some home remedies aimed at reducing inflammation of the larynx.

In addition to drinking hot liquids (not too much), the intake of black currants, essential oils and chamomile or agromony can be useful. During hospitalization it is also important not to strain the throat , avoid taking too cold or too hot foods and drinks and anything that can be irritating. The throat must always remain warm and if necessary, gargling with lemon juice can be useful. To be avoided in case of very strong irritation or micro injuries to the pharynx.

Aphonia is a problem that in most cases can be resolved in times ranging from two weeks to more. As always, it all depends on what caused it and on the general state of health.

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