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April diet: what to eat to lose weight in a healthy and pleasant way

april diet

With the arrival of April, the desire to get fit is stronger than ever. Let's find out which foods to choose.

The spring season has just begun, the days are getting longer and with them the desire to spend time outdoors. Obviously, the desire to get back in shape also increases and, fortunately, it is possible to do so thanks to the April diet. A healthy and nutritious diet through which it is possible to lose weight without too many sacrifices.
There are, in fact, some foods that are perfect to be eaten in certain months of the year. By following the seasonality calendar of vegetables it is in fact possible to lose weight, get back in shape, but also feel much better physically and mentally. So let's find out what to eat this month.

April diet and seasonal foods to eat to lose weight!

It's time to get back in shape. And to do this it is very important to choose the right foods. By eating seasonal fruit and vegetables , and combining everything with a little physical activity, it is possible to lose even four kilos in a short time. But what to eat in April to lose weight?

april diet
april diet

Let's start by saying that this is, among other things, the season of broad beans . These contain few calories and are perfect to be eaten both dry and fresh. They contain only 88 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. They are very versatile and can be eaten as a condiment for pasta , even better if wholemeal. They can be served as a side dish with meat or accompanied by low-fat cheese. Plus they're rich in vitamins and fiber , which help regulate bowel movements. Which helps purify yourself while you lose weight.

Broad beans, however, are not the only foods to prefer. In this period there are also other detox foods that allow you to eliminate toxins from the body. Among these we find: Brussels sprouts , artichokes, chicory, asparagus and friar's beard. Furthermore, carrots, rocket, radishes, ribs and leeks must not be missing from our tables. All foods are healthy and able to help in the loss of excess weight. As for April fruit we find instead: oranges, apples, kiwis, bananas and strawberries .

The typical diet for this month therefore begins with a healthy and rich breakfast based on yoghurt, fresh fruit and cereals. For lunch it is possible to eat a plate of wholemeal pasta or rice with vegetables and finish with some lean protein to be associated with a small salad. Alternatively, you can focus on a single dish based on salad and in which to insert seasonal vegetables, chicken or low-fat cheese and to be accompanied with wholemeal bread or fruit.
At dinner, on the other hand, you can opt for meat, eggs, fish, legumes or low-fat cheese accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Between the two main meals, two snacks a day must not be missing (preferably balanced). Finally, it is very important to hydrate and drink at least two liters of water a day, which are essential for better purification. By adding a little physical activity (walking is also fine), and avoiding foods high in fat or sugar, losing weight will be really simple and will help you experience the new season to the fullest.

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