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Apulian bombette in the air fryer

Apulian bombette in the air fryer

We prepare the famous Apulian bombette at home in the air fryer, a typical product with a stringy filling.

Surely, you will all have heard of Apulian bombette, but not all of you will have had the fortune of tasting them in their land of origin. From today, with the recipe for Apulian bombette in the air fryer it is possible to prepare them with your hands, with a few simple steps . They are usually cooked on the grill, but they are also very good with air cooking.

It is a typical Apulian product, which takes its name from its shape; these delights look like small round bowlers. These are slices of capocollo meat , rolled up to accommodate a delicious filling. Inside them we insert the pancetta and the caciocavallo ; the cheese, after cooking, will transform into a hot and stringy filling . Follow each step carefully and you can serve them delicious for lunch or dinner with friends.

Apulian bombette in the air fryer
Apulian bombette in the air fryer

Apulian bombette in the air fryer

  1. First, lay out the slices of capocollo on a work surface.
  2. You have to have the butcher cut them very thin; if they are not sufficiently thin, thin them again with the meat tenderizer.
  3. At this point, take the slices of bacon and lay each one on a slice of meat.
  4. Subsequently, cut the caciocavallo into small pieces (they must not be thicker than 1-2 cm); then, distribute them over the bacon.
  5. In a small bowl, mix the chopped garlic clove with the chopped parsley. Sprinkle a little of this mix on the slices of meat.
  6. Once done, roll each slice of capocollo on itself to form a ball. If necessary, secure them with toothpicks.
  7. For cooking, pour a drizzle of oil onto the air fryer basket.
  8. Salt and pepper the Apulian bombette; then, place them in the basket and spray them with spray oil.
  9. Cook at 190°C for 8 minutes ; when there are 5 minutes left, turn them over to cook the other side.
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The Apulian bombette in the air fryer are a very tasty dish, generally they should be accompanied with mixed vegetables or potatoes, both fried and boiled. The best advice is to consume them immediately .

Alternatively, try the succulent version of Apulian bombette with sauce .

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