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Arabic bread in an air fryer

Arabic bread in an air fryer

Soft and elastic, Arabic bread in an air fryer is simple to prepare and ideal for accompanying Middle Eastern cuisine.

Today we offer you a recipe that you surely know but have never imagined being able to make at home: Arab bread. We're talking about that thin bread that is served rolled up (or cut into pockets) and stuffed with kebab or falafel . But the most amazing aspect is that we will prepare the Arabic bread in an air fryer.

That's right, no oven, no pan, just our most faithful companion of recent times. The preparation is very simple and requires just a handful of ingredients: flour, yeast, salt and water. Once mixed, you will have to let it rise for a couple of hours and then move on to cooking, one sandwich at a time, for about ten minutes. Let's see all the steps in detail.

Arabic bread in an air fryer
Arabic bread in an air fryer

How to make arabic bread recipe in air fryer

  1. In a glass, dissolve the yeast in the water.
  2. Pour the flour into a bowl and add everything, mixing with a fork .
  3. When the water has been absorbed at least in part you can add the salt and finish kneading by hand first in the bowl and then on the pastry board. The goal is to obtain a smooth and homogeneous dough.
  4. Put it back in the bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise in the oven off with the light on until doubled. It will take about 2 hours.
  5. At this point divide the dough into 4 equal parts , form a ball and roll it out with a rolling pin until 1 cm thick.
  6. Place the first disc in the basket of the air fryer and cook at 200°C for 15 minutes , turning it halfway through cooking. If you don't want it to swell, you can prick the surface with a fork. Serve it after letting it cool for a few minutes.

Other alternative recipes to classic bread include pan-fried scones , ideal when you have little time because they don't require leavening.


Arab bread stays soft for a couple of days closed in a plastic bag. You can also heat it slightly in the fryer before enjoying it.

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