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Arancini with cuttlefish ink

arancini with cuttlefish ink

The cuttlefish ink arancini are a delicious variant of the classic recipe, enriched with cuttlefish and peas.

Arancine or arancini? The controversy is always on but at the moment it is not at the center of our thoughts. At least not after trying the squid ink arancini which literally left us speechless. This recipe, a reinterpretation of a classic of Sicilian cuisine , involves adding the characteristic natural food coloring to the rice.

The result is an unusual street food , apparently the same as the original on the outside but which reveals something unique at the first bite. As for the filling, there are different currents: we suggest the one with cuttlefish and peas but you can also use just one of the two ingredients based on your tastes.

arancini with cuttlefish ink
arancini with cuttlefish ink

How to prepare the recipe for arancini with squid ink

  1. First clean the cuttlefish, keeping the black sacs aside. If you use a clean product, purchase the squid ink separately. Then cut the cuttlefish into rather small pieces.
  2. In a pan, heat a drizzle of oil and add the finely chopped onion, browning it. Add the rice, toast it then add the cuttlefish.
  3. Start cooking by pouring the vegetable broth one ladle at a time so as to just cover the level of the rice and add the cuttlefish ink (about 2 teaspoons).
  4. About halfway through, add the peas and cook. It will take 10-15 minutes . Finally, flavor with fresh chopped parsley and salt.
  5. Spread the rice on a baking tray and let it cool completely.
  6. Then grease your hands and form balls about the size of a peach , pressing well to compact them.
  7. Prepare the batter with water and flour and pass the arancini in the mixture obtained first and then in the breadcrumbs. As they are ready, place them on a plate.
  8. In a pan, heat plenty of seed oil until it reaches 170-180°C and fry the arancini a few at a time until they are golden brown. Drain them and pass them on absorbent paper before serving.

If you want, you can also prepare them following our classic recipe for rice balls in the air fryer : they will be lighter but still excellent.


The squid ink arancini will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days . We recommend heating them in the oven or air fryer before enjoying them.

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