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Are peanuts good or bad? All that is important to know


Let's find out together if peanuts are good for you and how to eat them correctly to benefit from them.

We often wonder if peanuts are good or bad. In fact, it is a particular food source that is consumed in different ways that can make a difference. For this reason, knowing them in depth can be of help in having a sure answer to the question. So here's everything you need to know about peanut consumption and how they are good or bad.

What does eating peanuts involve? Here's what to know

Let's start with information that not everyone has. Peanuts, although often associated with nuts, are actually members of the legume family.


It is therefore a question of foods much more similar to beans than to nuts. Having said that, from a food point of view they are particularly good and rich in properties that make them foods considered beneficial for the body.

Rich in Omega3 , peanuts contain vegetable fibers and good proteins. To this are added several antioxidants that make them useful for counteracting cellular aging. Rich in folic acid, they are good for the heart and keep the skin healthier and more beautiful. It also seems to be beneficial for the nervous system as well.

In short, it is a precious food source which, if taken in the correct way, can actually be considered beneficial for the body. The indicated daily consumption, as for dried fruit, is in fact about 30 grams .

What are the contraindications to eating peanuts

As for the topic of peanuts and cholesterol, it is important to know that these do not contain any, thus proving to be extremely beneficial for the heart. These are obviously very caloric foods and for this reason they should always be consumed with a certain respect. Going instead to those who wonder if roasted peanuts are bad for you, the topic becomes more complex.

It is in fact the same food that is good raw but which is often toasted with the addition of salt and oil. These two ingredients together obviously make them even fatter, also leading to cholesterol and sodium levels which, if eaten often, can be harmful.

To be on the safe side, it is therefore preferable to consume them natural or toasted but without adding extra ingredients. The same also applies to the famous peanut butter which should be consumed in the most natural version possible in order to be able to enjoy it both in terms of taste and health.

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