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Aromatic herbs: the list and why they are different from spices


What are aromatic herbs? Let's see the list and find out why they are different from the spices used in the kitchen.

Indispensable in the kitchen, aromatic herbs are not only used to flavor dishes, but also to take better care of one's health. Let's see what the list is in alphabetical order and why they should never be confused with spices.

Aromatic herbs: the list in alphabetical order

Aromatic herbs are essential in the kitchen, to flavor many delicacies: from appetizers to first courses, through second courses and side dishes. A very healthy trick? Use them instead of salt. They can be considered real gifts from mother nature, they are nutritious and have a more or less strong flavour. Dulcis in fundo, you don't have to spend a fortune to buy them.

Unlike spices , herbs are real plants and are usually used both fresh – added at the end of cooking or directly on the served foods – and dried. Another fundamental detail: they do not change the flavor of the food, but enhance its taste. Below is the list of aromatic plants in alphabetical order:

Aromatic herbs have names that we have all heard, at least once in our life. The reason is very simple: they have been used in the kitchen since the dawn of time. Not only that, the plants mentioned boast important properties , which make them valid natural remedies against various problems. Laurel, for example, is effective for counteracting all disorders involving the gastric system.

Aromatic herbs in the kitchen: the list doesn't change, but the spices are different

After taking a look at the list of aromatic herbs, let's see which spices are most used in the kitchen. Many of them come from the East, but today they are also widely used in our local cuisine. Below is a list of the most common names:

Herbs, in most cases, are perennial . Therefore, they can easily be grown at home and used as needed.

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