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Arrosticini in the air fryer

Arrosticini in the air fryer

Here's how to prepare the recipe for arrosticini cooked in an air fryer at home, with succulent and tender meat inside.

Meat arrosticini cooked in an air fryer are very easy to make at home. It is a typical dish from Abruzzo, known and replicated throughout Italy. The kebabs are traditionally made with sheep meat , but you can also use another type, such as lamb. Instead of cooking them in the traditional "furnacella", today we use a practical and innovative appliance. In the air fryer, the meat is cooked in an excellent way, tender inside and crunchy outside, with a tasty crust, created by the fats that come out of the meat itself. In a few minutes, you can serve exceptional kebabs at the table.

Arrosticini in the air fryer
Arrosticini in the air fryer

Preparation of the recipe for arrosticini in the air fryer

  1. To begin, clean the mutton, removing excess fat from the pulp.
  2. Then , cut it into cubes ; as they are ready, place the meat on a plate.
  3. At this point, season all the pieces with lemon juice and a little salt; then, also flavored with rosemary.
  4. Take long skewers and stick one cube of meat at a time on each of them, stacking the right amount.
  5. As the arrosticini are ready, you can place them in the fryer.
  6. Now, you can move on to cooking; cook them at 180°C for 10 minutes .
  7. When you're done, follow a handy tip. Wrap them in aluminum foil while they are still hot.
  8. Leave them to cool in this way for a few minutes, then they will be much more tender.
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Air fryer meat arrosticini are a meat-based dish, suitable for any occasion. If they are left over, you can keep them for a few hours , wrapped in aluminum foil.

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