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Ash blonde degradè: how to get a result with a wow effect?

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How to get a wow-effect ash blonde degradè? It all depends on the nuances you want to get: let's see the coolest ones.

The ash-blond degradé allows you to obtain infinite shades, some warm and some cold. Obviously, a lot depends on the starting point or on the color you want to obtain . As long as the treatment is performed by an expert hairdresser, you will always get a result with a wow effect.

Ash blonde degradè: shades for all tastes

Vertical coloring technique unique of its kind, the degradè allows you to obtain many shades . You can choose to completely change color or enhance the natural color. In any case, it allows you to cover white hair and make the hair lighter or darker according to your preferences. Obviously, to get a perfect result you need to trust in the hands of an expert hairdresser. Having clarified this, let's see how to make an ash blonde degradè .

With a coloring of this type, especially if the starting point is a very warm blond, you get a much cooler hair than the previous one. Let me be clear, this doesn't mean that the hair look gives a glacial look. The hairdresser goes to lighten the lengths, working on the hair with shades ranging from ash blonde to ice blonde. Obviously, this is one of the many variations of degradè .

A light blonde degradé , on the other hand, could result in a series of warm shades, tending towards honey. The hairdresser does not go to work the base of the head, but focuses only on some strands of the lengths with an intense yellow, almost tending towards copper. The end result is stunning: the hair is full of natural shades and much brighter and more brilliant.

Dark blonde degradé: the shades are endless

Even with a dark blonde degradé , the shades are endless. On a dark base, which is not touched and remains so, the treatment can turn golden, alternating some thick strands of ash color . In this way, it will be possible to make shades that, going towards the root, are close to the natural color.

The degradè is also excellent if used to revitalize a dull blond . You can leave the natural base, while selecting thin strands of different shades, some dark/coppery and some golden. Going down the lengths, the strands become thicker and thicker. The final effect is so cool.

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