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Asian sizes: how to orient yourself in comparison with European sizes

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Are Chinese fast fashion your passion but are you afraid of getting the wrong size? Some suggestions to orient yourself in the conversion of Asian and European sizes

Cheap, fast, super trendy. These are the three reasons why in recent years Chinese fast fashion , Shein first of all, has won the attention and hearts of fashion addicts who, if they find it easy to choose their favorite items, cannot be said to be able to the same speed to unravel with Asian sizes, specifically the Chinese ones, and the respective correspondence with the European ones. A trick that also applies when we buy clothes in Chinese shops. The first factor to consider when choosing an Asian-made garment is to consider that whatever size we have, it will always tend to fit smaller.

Asian and European sizes: the differences in production

Why are Asian sizes usually smaller than European sizes? The first reason is to be found in the production method. The sizes are the ones we know: S, M, L, XL and so on, but in the case of Asian garments it would seem to be an indicative and conventional measurement, because we don't really know if it corresponds to the corresponding real size that we commonly know.

measure dress size seamstress
measure dress size seamstress

The reason is linked to the fact that the Chinese make clothes taking into account the Asian anatomy, which tends to be smaller: this can therefore create less or more differences with our European sizes. Therefore, it is no longer just a question of conversion, but it is necessary to understand roughly the variation that exists between an Asian and a European S.

From Chinese size to European size: how to choose the right size without errors

Generally the advice is to choose one or two sizes more than the one we normally wear, if we want to consider the XS, S, M measurements as a guide. But if we want to be more sure and precise in identifying the right size for us, it would be better to start by measuring the waist, hips and breasts with a tape measure.

Clothing shopping
Clothing shopping

Starting from the measurements we have taken and considering that Asian cuts tend to be smaller, it would be safer to calculate two more measurements starting from the real ones of our body. Generally, in fact, on Chinese fast fashion sites the measurements of the garments with respect to the waist, hips and bust are always indicated. A method that, on the other hand, more and more online shops have adopted, being the only method that can really help us almost never make a mistake in size.

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