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Asparagus and salmon pasta

Asparagus and salmon pasta

Are you looking for quick and easy recipes? Try our asparagus and salmon pasta in one of its variations and you won't regret it!

Smoked salmon is one of those ingredients capable of making a simple dish a big leap in quality . Proof of this is the asparagus and salmon pasta, a first course which in its simplicity is not only capable of satisfying the most demanding palates, but also of solving the most formal situations.

The sauce is prepared while the pasta is cooking and, very importantly, in addition to smoked salmon you can use fresh salmon. You will get a pasta with fresh salmon and asparagus, without cream of course, ideal for all occasions and also excellent as a single dish. Our advice is to use fresh egg pasta if you wish to further ennoble the preparation.

Asparagus and salmon pasta
Asparagus and salmon pasta

How to prepare the asparagus and salmon pasta recipe

  1. First, wash the asparagus under running water. Remove the final part of the stem and cut the remainder into pieces, but leave the tip whole . If the asparagus is very thick you can first blanch it, whole, in a pan with hot water for about 10 minutes.
  2. In a pan, heat the oil with the garlic clove, add the asparagus and cook over medium heat for about ten minutes, adding a few tablespoons of water if necessary and letting them brown well.
  3. Cut the salmon into small pieces and add them to the asparagus when they are almost cooked and continue over medium heat for another 5-10 minutes . Finally, season with salt and pepper.
  4. Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water for the time indicated on the package, then drain it and sauté it in the pan with the sauce, stirring in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil added raw.

Alternatively, you can cook the asparagus in a pan and blend part of it with the help of the pasta cooking water, to have a creamy base that will make the pasta enveloping and irresistible once mixed with all the seasoning. If, however, the result of the basic recipe does not satisfy you and you want to add a tasty ingredient, then try adding 200 ml of cooking cream to the pan (with cooked asparagus and salmon). You will taste what a taste!

Don't forget the simplest version of salmon pasta too!


The asparagus and salmon pasta will keep for a couple of days in the refrigerator. Reheat it in a pan or in the microwave before consuming it.

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