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Asparagus in pregnancy: what you need to know about it

asparagus in pregnancy

One of the questions that pregnant women often ask themselves concerns the consumption of asparagus during pregnancy. Here’s what’s important to know.

Eating asparagus during pregnancy is one of the most common questions of those who are pregnant and want to eat in the best way so as not to harm the health of the unborn child .
For a correct pregnancy, in fact, there are several foods that are not recommended. These include raw fish but also some types of fruit and vegetables. This is why not everyone knows if asparagus during pregnancy is good for you or not.

What role do asparagus play in pregnancy

The good news is that among the foods that are part of the diet during pregnancy, asparagus is included.

asparagus in pregnancy
asparagus in pregnancy

In fact, these are vegetables rich in beneficial properties and which in some ways are also considered positive for the health of the child.
It can therefore be said that asparagus helps in pregnancy as they are rich in folate, which is important for closing the spinal cord of the unborn child in the best possible way. Moreover, being rich in iron, they are also perfect for the health of the mother .

All this, however, is only valid under certain conditions. In fact, in some circumstances, asparagus can be counterproductive due to toxoplasmosis.

What are the contraindications of asparagus in pregnancy

An aspect that is important to take into consideration if you consume asparagus when you are pregnant is that linked to the possibility of undergoing toxoplasmosis .
This pathology, in fact, can be contracted by eating foods that contain a particular parasite usually present in the earth and in water.
Although most adults already have antibodies, otherwise it is very important to protect yourself by avoiding the consumption of certain foods.

One of the many is to wash the asparagus carefully to make sure you don’t consume anything contaminated. The other is to always consume them well cooked. High temperatures, in fact, protect against toxoplamosis.
By following these tips, it can be said that the consumption of asparagus during pregnancy is more than recommended. In fact, these are vegetables that, unless you are allergic to nickel , are rich in beneficial properties.

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