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Baby products: what to buy and what to avoid

baby bottle feeding mom

When a new baby arrives in the family, it is natural to try to reconcile savings and security with regard to purchases.

In practice, however, it is not always simple. The reason is related to the fact that, from the very beginning of pregnancy, future parents are literally bombarded with marketing campaigns.

That is why it is appropriate, if possible, to consider some advice on what to buy and what to avoid. In the next few lines, we see some tips on this.

baby bottle feeding mom

Essential products

Assuming the fact that every newborn is unique , let's remember that, among the essential products to buy before birth, we find baby bottles. Even if you breastfeed, you should buy at least one. If the bottle can only be one, the teats should be different, as they must be changed as the child grows and chosen taking into account problems such as colic.

Not to be forgotten are also the diapers . Before the baby is born, it is advisable not to overdo the number of packages purchased. How come? For a very simple reason: the precise weight of the baby is not known.

Continuing with the list of essential products for welcoming a newborn into the family , we recall the bath tub. With regard to the products to be used in what is a fundamental moment for the growth of the little one, we point out the importance of focusing on one, a delicate detergent. If you exaggerate, in fact, the risk is that of dehydrating the baby's skin.

We now open the parenthesis of the bedtime. If you aim tobuy safe baby products , unless you intend to do co-sleeping, you should buy a cot with a legally compliant mattress, i.e. anti-suffocation. Furthermore, the walls of the same must be made in such a way as to allow the passage of air in the event that the little one ends up with the smiley face against it.

Cribs with lace and embellishments should be avoided. These are details which, while being aesthetically beautiful, are not a guarantee of safety. In fact, just like the bumpers, they increase the risk of SIDS (cot death syndrome).

What to say, however, about the cot? That it is another essential product in situations where you decide not to do co-sleeping (the Montessori one is not suitable for the early post-cradle periods, as it requires an autonomy that is reached between about 18 and 24 months). If possible, it is advisable to choose a cot with bars characterized by retractable sides.

Unnecessary products

What, on the other hand, are the unnecessary products ? The bath thermometer can be included in the list. Very often, adult common sense is enough to understand if the water is the right temperature for the little one (regardless of the degree up or down).

Even the scale can prove, in most cases, a useless purchase. It can be hired and, for the sake of accuracy, once the child has passed a certain length it can become difficult to use, especially if the little one tends to be a little restless.

If you have doubts about your weight, you can use much larger scales at public consulting rooms and during visits to the general pediatrician.

Another product that, for most parents, is not a worthwhile purchase is the bottle and pacifier sterilizer. To eradicate potentially pathogenic microorganisms, boiling in water can be used, with all the guarantees of effectiveness of the case.

What about the games? That, especially in the first few months, the little one doesn't need many. Indeed, if you avoid proposing many at the same time, it is better. Those that you buy must obviously be characterized by the CE mark, which is essential for safety.

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