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Bach flowers: a natural remedy for colds and flu

Bach flowers

Bach flowers are valid natural remedies for colds and flu: let's see which ones to use against these diseases.

Like every winter, being able to not catch the flu and a cold is practically impossible. The continuous sudden changes in temperature and the degrees that continue to drop leave us little escape from these very annoying seasonal diseases. Fortunately, unless there is an important infection to be treated with specific antibiotics, natural remedies can also be used to combat flu symptoms. Among these we find the famous Bach flowers, "discovered" by the British doctor Edward Bach. Since there are 38 different types, let's try to understand which Bach flowers are against colds and flu!

How to cure a cold with Bach flowers

Among the most used Bach flowers for colds is Crab Apple , or wild apple, which is the flower of cleanliness and inner order. It is used to purify the body, eliminate viruses and toxins. This flower is used in case we need to free ourselves from some negative emotion hidden in the unconscious.

It is therefore excellent in case of a cold to thin out the mucus and return to having a free nose. It can be used alone, or together with Wild Rose , the wild rose, rich in vitamin C. This flower is particularly useful when one is very debilitated and without strength as it helps fight tiredness.

Bach flowers against colds: how to use them

To defeat a cold, 4 drops of Bach flowers should be taken 4 times a day , directly into the mouth, in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before sleeping. Alternatively, they can be used to moisten a towel to place directly on the nose, throat or forehead, or add 10 drops to water before taking a bath.

Bach flowers to prevent colds

To prevent the flu and reduce mucus secretions from the nose, we recommend taking Walnut , which serves to protect against negative influences, whether it be viruses or people.

A particularly impatient person who would like to heal quickly can take Impatiens , the excellent flower to speed up healing. Both Gentian (gentianella) and Cenatury (fever chaser), however, are excellent for improving treatments and their effectiveness. Clematis (clematis) is useful when interest in the present is lost and immunity is low.

If the cold is not due to flu viruses, but only to the cold , it is better to use Star of Bethlehem , the flower that helps to regain strength, to overcome traumas and colds.

When the body is very tired and debilitated, Olives are also very useful, to prevent the attack of bacteria and viruses.

Finally, to prevent flu symptoms from returning after being healed, it is important to use Chestnut Bud (Gemme di Inoculano). This flower avoids repeating the same mistakes made in the past and matures from its own experiences.

Bach flowers: properties

Edward Bach studied, in the early 30s, the healing properties of some varieties of flowers. He then selected 12 types that he called "the 12 healers" , and then expanded them to 38 in 1935. According to the studies carried out by Bach, these flowers have a beneficial effect on both physical and, above all, mental health. In fact, he believed that at the basis of any pathology there was an emotional and/or spiritual imbalance .

According to this natural medicine, therefore, to cure a sick person one must cure his emotions, which would determine the physical symptoms. The different types of flowers are therefore able to transform the negative emotion into a positive one , healing the ailments. Each of these 38 flowers is therefore linked to a particular negative emotion. However, it is fair to remember that Bach flowers are not medicines, therefore they do not have specific active ingredients for colds or flu. However, they have no contraindications of any kind.

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