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Bacon in air fryer

bacon in air fryer

Perfect with eggs for breakfast or inside a sandwich, air fryer bacon is crispy and tasty and can be prepared in 5 minutes.

Do you know those delicious and crunchy slices of bacon that Americans (but not only) usually enjoy for breakfast or in burgers? We are about to reveal to you how to prepare them using the most popular appliance of the moment! Bacon in the air fryer, but the procedure is the same for bacon , is very simple to make and once you have obtained crispy slices you can use them as you prefer.

For this recipe you don't need many ingredients, on the contrary: get some good sliced ​​bacon , preferably freshly sliced, and get ready to taste a real pleasure. Please remember: do not add salt, pepper or even oil because the bacon is already very tasty!

bacon in air fryer
bacon in air fryer

How to make air fryer bacon recipe

  1. First make sure the slices of bacon or pancetta are not too thick . This is the first requirement to obtain perfect crunchiness.
  2. Then place them in the air fryer basket without baking paper . They will get a little dirty but it is essential for correct air circulation.
  3. Cook them at 170°C for 5 minutes , checking halfway through to make sure they don't burn. Once crispy, transfer them to a plate and serve as you prefer.

But what is the difference between bacon and bacon ? The second, as is easy to guess from the name, is obtained from the pork belly, while bacon can come from different cuts. The important thing, in all cases, is that the slices are thin and that, at least the first few times, you don't lose sight of them during cooking.

Did you know that fake bacon also exists? It is prepared with carrots and is excellent for those who follow a plant-based diet!


Bacon is good freshly made when it is still crunchy. Since it takes very little time to prepare it, if you can, cook it at the moment to avoid having to store it.

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