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Balenciaga x Adidas: a re-styling of sporty-street garments in a capsule with a Y2K flavor

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The iconic Adidas clover is branded by Balenciaga and one of the most desired capsules of the moment is born, on sale from 3 November

Already this year something was boiling in the pot between Adidas and Balenciaga. In May, with a fashion show at the New York Stock Exchange, the brand presented a capsule resort that can be purchased for a limited time, which to date it is clear to represent only the beginning of an interesting partnership with Adidas which finds full expression in the gem of this collection: the reinterpretation of the symbol of the German sports brand, the clover, accompanied by the word Balenciaga, a sort of tattoo that signs the styling of this capsule that mixes luxury, sport and streetwear.

Adidas + Balenciaga: a street, luxury and Y2K collection

After Gucci, it is clear that Balenciaga also sanctions the return of Adidas garments as an undisputed trend and in particular of the clover logo that on display again this time creates a bridge between step and present, continuing the 2000s revival that so much pleases and amuses the fashion these days. The meanings certainly change: revised and corrected by luxury brands, the clover creates a new bond with Adidas, expressed according to the dress code of luxury.

However, Balenciaga goes further than Gucci and appropriates the entire Adidas universe, even the triangle logo, the one that the German brand has much preferred in recent years. Strong, contemporary lines, a unisex collection that revisits the Adidas Originals sector and that includes oversized t-shirts , wide and comfortable trousers characterized by the iconic three-way side stripes, which can also be combined with a wide range of accessories such as city bags or totes for travel. The most desired, however, will undoubtedly be the hand bag with Hourglass stripes, Kim Kardashian's favorite.

Naturally, the iconic sock boot so loved by Balenciaga with a thin heel and a reinterpretation of the Triple S sneakers could not be missing from the shoes.

Where to buy the capsule and how much the items in the collection cost

Unlike the capsule launched previously with Adidas and if it has certainly attested the success of this co-lab in the 5-day sale alone, this collection does not include a timed sale. While certainly considering itself a limited edition, even if given the success it cannot be excluded that the partnership is repeated also for the summer collection, there is enough time to identify the garments that make up the collection.

On sale from 3 November on both the Adidas and Balenciaga websites, compared to the average prices of the brand, the costs are decidedly more luxury: in fact, it starts from 150 euros for socks, passing through 795 euros for sock boots and the 850 euros of the Triple S sneakers. Among the most expensive pieces, the Trefoil Puffer jacket of 2,600 euros and the Trefoil Track Suit trousers costing 1200 euros, undoubtedly together with the shoes among the most iconic and desired pieces of the Adidas wardrobe.

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