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Banana cheesecake, a delicious cold cake

Banana cheesecake

Tasty and fresh, banana cheesecake is a perfect summer dessert. Curious to find out how to prepare this cold dessert?

Perfect for using ripe bananas, banana cheesecake is one of the quick desserts that you can prepare without too much effort. Excellent in summer, it can really be prepared in many ways. We offer you the simplest one which involves the use of cream and Philadelphia , held together by the classic isinglass, but we will also see how to make some lighter variations suitable for vegetarians.

For the rest, the preparation is similar to that of any cheesecake: first the biscuit base , then the cream and finally the decoration with fresh bananas, not essential but useful for letting us understand the taste of the dessert.

Banana cheesecake
Banana cheesecake

How to make banana cheesecake recipe

  1. First prepare the biscuit base by blending them in a food processor and mixing them with the melted butter. Then distribute them on the bottom of a 22 cm diameter springform pan with the base lined with parchment paper and press down well with the back of a spoon. Transfer to the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile prepare the cream . First, blend the bananas with half the sugar and lemon juice until you get a puree.
  3. Separately, whip the cream with an electric whisk, keeping two tablespoons aside and adding the sugar a little at a time when it is semi-whipped. Incorporate, always with the whips in action, also the spreadable cheese and the banana puree.
  4. After having soaked the isinglass for 10 minutes in cold water, dissolve it in the cream and heat it slightly in a saucepan. Add it to the cream cheese and pour it all over the now cold base.
  5. Level it and let it harden in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
  6. Decorate with the sliced ​​banana and the melted Nutella and serve.

Banana cheesecake: 3 variations

What do you think of this no-bake recipe? We like it very much, like all quick desserts and that's why we made 3 different variations of this dessert. The former with mascarpone and cream is simply obtained by replacing the Philadelphia cheese with an equal quantity of mascarpone .

For the lighter version with yoghurt, cream and Philadelphia instead replace half of the spreadable cheese with the same amount of Greek yoghurt and proceed as per the recipe. For the variant without isinglass instead replace the fresh cream with the vegetable one in equal quantities. In fact, this tends to firm up much better, avoiding the risk of collapses.

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The banana cheesecake can be kept well covered in the refrigerator for 3-4 days .

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