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Basil liqueur: the perfect digestive

Basil liqueur

Lemon-scented basil liqueur: the ingredients and the recipe to prepare an excellent homemade digestive and to be served fresh at the end of an important meal!

In this period the aromatic herbs grow beautifully and luxuriantly and it is possible to use them in the preparation of drinks and spirits . Among these, basil liqueur cannot be missing, a perfect digestive to serve chilled at the end of a busy lunch or dinner.

For this preparation it is necessary to first leave basil and lemon zest in alcohol and then prepare the syrup based on water and sugar to add to the filtered alcohol. Here's the recipe!

Basil liqueur
Basil liqueur

How to make basil liqueur

  1. Take the basil leaves and remove the stem, wash them then let them dry on a cloth or absorbent kitchen paper.
  2. Place the basil inside an airtight jar, cover with alcohol, close with the lid and leave to rest for a week in a dark, dry place, shaking the container once a day.
  3. Once the infusion time has elapsed, filter the liquid from the basil leaves.
  4. Continue preparing the syrup: pour water and sugar into a saucepan, mix, put on the heat and boil until the sugar has completely dissolved.
  5. Turn off the heat and let the syrup cool completely.
  6. Combine the two liquids, bottle and leave to rest for 30 days before serving.

Alternatively, you can try the homemade pineapple liqueur .


This liqueur can be stored for approximately 3-4 months in the pantry, in a cool, dry place away from light or heat sources. You can also store it in the freezer, just remember to leave it at room temperature for a few minutes before serving.

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