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Beach chic like California Girls with the bikini capsule collection by Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Romantic, dreamy and sunny swimwear: this is how Gigi Hadid and Francesca Aiello describe the Californian summer

Wearing a swimsuit is freedom, adventure and relaxation: this is the spirit that gave life to the first beachwear capsule collection created by the top model Gigi Hadid, who signs her first clothing line, a point of arrival that before or then it's up to all the top models. Behind this project, however, there is also a lot of complicity, friendship and girl power because it comes from his solid friendship with Francesca Aiello, founder of Frankies Bikini. The idea of ​​the two fashion addicted friends was to create a capsule that would tell the summer of Californian girls, between immense and sunny beaches, surfboards and wind that ruffles the hair.

Frankies Bikinis and Gigi Hadid: "A collection to feel safe and important"

Behind the capsule collection that Frankies Bikinis has entrusted to Gigi Hadid, re-proposing the style of the supermodel, there is the desire to invite girls to choose their favorite costume in a rich rose of models to feel confident, spontaneous and casual, the same strengths as Gigi.

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"Gigi's personality is in perfect harmony with the model of" Frankies girl "and with what the brand represents, so being able to collaborate with her in this creative field was a dream" , explained the designer Francesca Aiello, who in this collection has also put the affection that binds it to Gigi Hadid for a long time, proposing those same swimwear models that have marked their youth, to be worn in moments of escape and relaxation.

In fact, it is no coincidence that the two chose to pose together for the collection that takes the name GigixFrankies : the scenarios that tell the capsule are not only the beaches but also the places that marked their childhood, such as the Californian countryside where Gigi still today and his sister Bella take refuge to disconnect.

GigixFrankies: triangle bikini top and swimsuit with floral, bucolic and country patterns

That the Frankies Bikinis line is unique is clear as soon as you scroll through the Instagram feed: the design of the costumes is in fact very delicate and romantic, with a country and bucolic touch : ruffles, ruffles and bows are the details that particularly characterize unique pieces from the collection created by Gigi who also convinced Hailey Bieber . The supermodel has in fact chosen a floral model in yellow with a bra top, the bond top , which recalls the iconic model worn by Ursula Address in 007 License to Kill .

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Triangle bikini, crop top bikini, tankini , the models of the capsule are different and a strong point are the briefs, with a high-cut but soft cut thanks to the ruffles. However, there are also swimsuits, so beautiful that it is a shame to wear them only on the beach and in fact one of the models as a type of corset , another characteristic cut of the one-piece swimsuits of this collection, was worn by Gigi with a pair of low-waisted trousers and cut out shirt. A summer evening look to steal here and now!

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