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Beautiful and functional, the pockets on miniskirts and trousers are maxi: the utility trend for s/s 2023

White suit with pockets

Aesthetically seductive, but what if a garment were also useful? In the warm season we could say goodbye to bags thanks to the trend of maxi pockets

A woman's purse, cross and delight! A passionate love for it-bags but also a great desire to go out on some occasions light, perhaps without having to have your hands or shoulders full. Fashion has thought about this disagreement and partly out of provocation, experimentation and irony on the Miu Miu catwalk, the iconic miniskirt embraces a new badge to enrich its dress code: one or more pockets that could launch and consolidate a trend in part already sighted in the era of Y2K updated to our times.

Spring/Summer 2023 trend: trousers and skirts covered in pockets

A year ago, the attention detail was the zippers, decorative and not only on sweatshirts, sweaters and tops, now there are also the pockets, a focus certainly not chosen at random and which express the need for a fashion that knows how to be aesthetically hi- catchy but also useful tech .

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From minis to long skirts, the cargo effect is amplified directly by the trousers – and they too multiply their number of large pockets -, taking up the trend of pockets, so large and roomy that you can think of leaving your bag at home. Prada's little sister, Miu Miu makes it a diktat on the fil rouge of clothing that is not only aesthetic but also smart, which also involves shorts and trousers in cotton, leather and jeans. A functionality that involves all the clothing and not just the bottom of our outfits, such as the vests or the strapless tops in the bustier shape of Sacai .

Spring/summer 2023 look with pockets: the must haves to follow the utility trend

If this trend with a street and utility flavor is that brand new aesthetic touch you've been looking for this summer and that could convince you to leave the bag at home, then keep an eye out for some inspo looks caught on the spring/summer 2023 catwalks that may suggest some input.

In fact, pockets have also appeared on the gilets on the Louis Vuitton catwalk: a garment that could be a must have to think about if in the summer we love to treat ourselves to mountain excursions and out-of-town trips, for which to have a few pockets in which to store all necessary could be very useful. For the more eccentric, Marine Serre brings this totally sporty trend to maximum power in everyday life, applying it to a long street jacket .

Many and in XL format are the pockets that dictate the trend in this 2023 season and which we can also find incorporated into belts : an interesting alternative if we don't like the voluminous effect that a garment full of pockets inevitably takes on. And Hermès is also moving in the minimalist vein, thinking instead of doing the opposite: applying pockets to the bag to multiply its capacity.

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