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Beautiful, precious and lasting over time: the jewels of 2023 are dreamed of like this, especially in gold

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Lots of necklaces, sparkling nuances in gold and silver but above all jewels from recycled material and in which to invest

For many of us, jewels are a real Achilles' heel, a weak point in the vicious circle: so different, with ever more refined shapes and ever more detailed materials, one leads to another. We challenge those of you who have not already bought one in time of discounts or have included it in the sales wish list to buy it at the first discount, perhaps that bracelet or that pair of earrings that you have been courting for a few months. Between one promotion and another, however, as we begin to see the new clothing collections, so also those of bijoux are not found unprepared and as true enthusiasts we cannot be caught unprepared for what promise to be the sparkling 2023 trends .

Jewelery 2023, the trends: necklaces will be the trendiest, preferably in recycled material

The return and sudden advent of bodychains, which will continue to be worn in summer as well as in winter because we have seen how beautifully they can embellish even a sweater, has undoubtedly contributed to the preference for the use of necklaces . The 2023 trends call for so many, so many to wear, maxi and thin to mix, almost creating personalized double or more lap necklaces. The layered look becomes a winner and is always a pleasure even in the mix and match of bijoux.

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Sustainability is a discourse that fashion carries forward with firmness and invests all sectors. Italy is one of the countries that pays the most attention to the choice of sustainable materials for the creation of jewellery. In fact, high jewelery prefers recycled diamonds, which ensure a lower environmental impact than those grown in the laboratory or naturally extracted. We will therefore see greater attention to informing customers who have developed a mature awareness in this sense with appropriate labels on materials, thus also influencing their purchasing choices. Let's also get ready for the trend of boho trendy necklaces composed of energy stones , which conquer for their brilliant turquoise, black onyx and cultured pearl colors.

The return of gold and silver: more quality, sustainability and less quantity

Customers' attention to the choice of making jewels with recycled materials and greater sensitivity to environmental and sustainability issues lead to more responsible and thoughtful purchases: they are willing to spend more, favoring quality and less quantity . Thanks to new technologies it is possible to produce jewels that use less precious metal, also containing prices. In this way, disposable jewelery is preferred less, dictated by the fashion of the moment, but a precious one that has a special meaning and that lasts over time. In 2023, therefore, bijoux will become a small investment.

So are you ready to focus your attention on gold and silver jewelry? They will therefore dominate the scene, both in the medium and in high jewelry, as demonstrated by the latest collections of Dior and Gucci which emphasize all the beauty and timeless preciousness of yellow but also white gold, so loved by Tiffany . Silver is also keeping up with gold, increasingly combined with bijoux or colored beads, with a less luxury and more pop taste.

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