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Behind Christian Louboutin’s red sole: history of the most desired shoes ever

Dècolletè heels

Beloved by the stars, the forbidden dream of those who love vertiginous and sexy heels: Christian Louboutin and that unmistakable red sole

The heel, the price and their charm are dizzying but Christian Louboutin pumps remain today that pair of shoes to dream of, to ardently desire to buy at least once in a lifetime or perhaps to receive as a gift. Clearly they would be the perfect business card to make someone completely ours. And when it is said that the most beautiful ideas are born by chance, for Louboutin who has not desperately sought a trademark but has been driven by pure and simple passion in creating, we can confirm that the history of these shoes is yet another confirmation .

Christian Louboutin, dream heels: when it all began

When did the young Christian Louboutin first fall in love with a heeled pump? Probably since these shoes were worn by the first women of his life – mothers, aunts, cousins ​​– but there was the moment in which love at first sight struck.

The little 9-year-old Christian, during a visit to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, as well as admiring the treasures and beauties of Ancient Egypt, was struck by a billboard. There was drawn a woman's shoe with a heel warning against wearing high heels so as not to damage the mosaic floor.

There was precisely depicted a 50s stiletto, a model that will be the creative principle from the first to the last Louboutin creation. Then began the foray into the world of fashion alongside Roger Vivier, a French shoe master who had already won the attention of Marlene Dietrich, who wore a crystal -encrusted model from the collection, a detail that the designer often re-proposes in his models.

Precisely that model was love at first sight and constant inspiration for Louboutin who looks at shoes as a sensual and elegant but also playful accessory. The taste for challenging heights in iconic models such as the Pump or the Daisy was born from this spirit.

How the unmistakable red sole, a trademark, was born

Christian Louboutin has therefore always had immediately clear what should be the identifying shoe of his world, even if over time the brand has also revisited models such as moccasins, sneakers and Mary Janes according to his style. But it is not only the dizzying height with a fetish taste, the sinuous and sensual shape that is the distinctive feature of these shoes, but also the unmistakable red sole .

However, don't think that it was the result of a long and frantic search, because that red sole was born almost by chance. Louboutin was designing a pop art-inspired collection starting with Flowers , serial paintings by Andy Warhol that date back to 1964 and portray maxi colorful flowers. While the shoe materialized on the drawing, the French designer didn't feel particularly satisfied with the creation in progress, until he was captured by the red lacquer polish with which his assistant was covering his nails. It was immediately inspiration and the black sole became Louboutin red . Forever and ever.

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