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Best Moringa Supplements of 2022


Moringa is today considered one of the best superfoods, a rising star in nutraceuticals and such a concentrate of properties that you almost lose track of.

Daily consumption can improve the immune system, unblock metabolism, fortify bones and minimize blood cholesterol, invigorating the mind and making it more active.


What are the key nutrients of Moringa?

Moringa contains 17 times the calcium of milk, 15 times the magnesium of bananas, 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 25 times the iron of spinach, but not only. Contains an extraordinary amount of vitamin complexes (B, C, D, E, K, P), the highest concentration of chlorophyll ever recorded in a plant, an impressive content of antioxidants and phenolic compounds, mineral salts including zinc, selenium, phosphorus reaching Omega 3, the “good fats” that protect the heart and arteries, with regularizing effects on bad cholesterol. Moringa contains many other beneficial compounds and by taking it daily we can experience the surprising effects for our well-being.

The best supplements with Moringa

Which Moringa Supplement to Choose ? There are several on the market and it is not easy to extricate yourself. We have compiled a mini guide to help you orient yourself on some products, chosen on the basis of quality.

Supplement with Moringa: which is the best?

What is so special about the Moringa supplement ? Although still little known in the West, it is one of the most nutritious plants on the planet : in Asia and Africa, fresh leaves, stems and pods are consumed as a vegetable and is known as the “Miracle Tree”. For centuries, Moringa has been appreciated for its high nutritional and cosmetic properties and for fighting malnutrition.

Its popularity is growing, although it has not yet reached the par of spirulina or turmeric , its effects are increasingly studied and appreciated for general well-being.

The increased interest in alternative, healthier and more natural lifestyles, with the rediscovery of activities related to mindfulness , yoga, ayurveda , meditation, a more balanced diet based on biological and healthy criteria, has given a strong boost to consumption of natural supplements.

Many varieties of supplements have appeared on the market, given the increase in demand and in the case of Moringa, it becomes difficult to orientate as it can be consumed in powder , in capsule form, in leaves or pre-packed herbal tea. Let’s find out which are the best known and most virtuous brands in the sector, for quality, production ethics and other parameters that we will consider in itinere.

Here are some of the best supplements with Moringa on the market, also available online:

Organic Moringa Oleifera in powder and capsules by RedMoringa

Produced in Italy, 100% Natural, it is grown in Europe (Spain) with organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides and fertilizers and with photovoltaic energy. It is a supplement based on red Moringa, grown on the fertile volcanic soil of the Canary Islands, and in the Spanish hinterland (Almeria), biologically certified by the Canary Islands Institute for Agri-food Quality (ICCA), by the Italian control body INOQ and with the “EU Agriculture” mark, valid throughout the Union market, which certifies its origin and ecological and organic cultivation.

The production process involves the drying of leaves and seeds in a protected and controlled environment and is packaged in Italy directly in the Company’s laboratories.

The characteristics of production and packaging, the strict controls on the quality of the product, preserve the active ingredients and freshness to the maximum . It is available in capsules, in powder (excellent for preparing different recipes and drinks), and in the form of herbal tea; it is also associated with several other supplements with Moringa specific for cholesterol, to strengthen the immune system, for menopause, etc.

Moringa helps with lipid metabolism and digestive function. It is a treasure trove of vegetable well-being always at hand. It is the plant with the highest antioxidant content known, rich in Vitamins A, B and C, vegetable proteins (about 30% of its weight), calcium and iron.

LINK: Moringa BIO RedMoringa supplement

Erbavoglio Bio Moringa Powder

It is a 100% natural Moringa supplement, coming from non-EU organic crops, without GMOs and chemical preservatives .

A very fine powder, which can be mixed into drinks, tea, milk, yogurt and other foods. A tablespoon, about 8 grams of Moringa per day is the recommended dose.

Multivitamin food, it is a very rich source of calcium and iron. Helps improve digestion, metabolism, regulate hormone levels and improve skin quality.

LINK : Source dust

Moringa Bio Origeens

Moringa powder for herbal teas and infusions, from 100% organic certification, without the use of pesticides, dyes and additives.

Moringa Origeens is produced by a French company that offers the highest quality.

These leaves retain the main nutrients typical of moringa leaves: vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Naturally caffeine-free, it is a revitalizing drink and suitable for practically everyone.

LINK : Amazon Bio Origeens

moringa oleifera

Moringa Oleifera Bio Nutrimea

It is a Moringa deriving from organic farming, without allergens, gluten and lactose. From ISO certified laboratories.

Available in capsules, which can be taken anywhere. Known as the plant with the highest nutritional potential in existence, moringa provides many blessings; strengthens the health of the skin, eyes and bones and strengthens the immune system giving energy and vitality, thanks to the high content of vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants.

LINK : Moringa Nutrimea

Valley of Tea Organic Moringa Leaves

For those who want a herbal tea with Moringa that preserves the maximum of active ingredients, that of Valley of Tea is ideal: dried after harvest, it retains all the beneficial properties.

Furthermore, it comes from harvests that follow the principles of solidarity production and is made with non-GMO Moringa leaves; the attention to the production process is scrupulous and the infusion maintains its flavor and effectiveness for a long time.

The leaves can also be used for cooking recipes, soups, salads and other dishes.

LINK : Moringa Valley of Tea

Moringa in organic NaturaleBio powder

It is a Moringa produced with 100% natural certified organic plants, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

It is possible to verify its freshness by the bright green color and the fresh and pungent smell . Factors that indicate a high presence of chlorophyll, as well as other beneficial substances contained in Moringa, such as vitamins A, B, C, iron, fiber and calcium.

Excellent supplement to give a boost of energy and tone the body, improve the cognitive functions of the brain and strengthen the bones. The powder is also perfect added to smoothies, yogurt and other liquid preparations that also improve their flavor.

LINK AMAZON : Moringa NaturaleBio

How to evaluate the quality of a Moringa supplement?

To choose a quality Moringa supplement you need to pay attention to these aspects:

First of all, carefully read the label , the possible presence of allergens such as gluten , organic certification , and the wording non-GMO . It is therefore important, to verify the quality of Moringa, the possible addition of additives, dyes and aggregates in the capsules. The latter may be less cost-effective than powder, but more practical in use, since, taking up minimal space, they can be carried and consumed anywhere. The company’s reputation, transparency and reviews are also to be evaluated.

Food supplements

How many types of Moringa are there? Quality is never the same!

The moringa purchased, both online and in the physical store, differs according to where the plant was grown, the climatic and soil conditions, the cultivation, drying and storage process. Each country has, in fact, different conservation methods and at the same time the environmental factors that determine the growth of the plant and the constitution of its phytonutrients change: Africa, Europe, Asia have different climatic conditions, as well as the soil conditions differ if they are volcanic, close to watercourses, in arid or otherwise humid territories.

Moringa exported from non-European countries (eg China, United States, India) is subjected to an irradiation process with pesticides, which affects its quality, reducing the effectiveness of nutrients. It should therefore be avoided in favor of controlled and certified crops .

As mentioned, just read the label to find out what treatments have been done on the plant, as well as the fact that it should be 100% organic.

It is also important to check the appearance of the moringa : a deep green and a fresher, more pungent smell indicate greater integrity and a high amount of chlorophyll.

So pay attention to the color of Moringa : YES to intense green, No to a pale and tending to yellow color – an indication of greater sun exposure and long storage, during which the active ingredients can be reduced .

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the price : a lower than average cost could hide the addition of other substances mixed with the product; Moringa must be 100% pure, without additives, dyes, no GMOs and organically grown.

Moringa packaging: photoprotective and insulating

Being an organic and photosensitive product, Moringa should be packaged in photoprotective and insulating packages from external factors, which do not alter its content, preferably darkened from the inside. In fact, transparent packaging is not suitable for this type of product because in this way its properties are reduced and in particular the quantity of chlorophyll, on which the integrity of the nutrients depends.

If for some products such as pasta, transparent packaging can help evaluate their characteristics, in this case prolonged exposure to light and the packaging conditions can actually affect quality.

What is the recommended dose of Moringa to take daily?

The recommended dose varies between 5 – 10 grams, corresponding to about one level teaspoon per day.

How long does it take to see the benefits of Moringa?

Studies confirm that it takes an average of 3 weeks . It also depends on the conditions we are in, on our physical form, on what we are eating. In any case, it takes the body some time to get used to and assimilate moringa and one of the first effects is to feel more energetic and with a more alert mind.

Who is the Moringa supplement not suitable for?

Moringa supplement is generally well tolerated; however, we must be careful with supplements with Moringa root, which should be avoided during breastfeeding and pregnancy. The intake of Moringa for children should be discussed with the doctor first; if on the one hand the studies partly confirm that it can lower the level of glucose in the blood in those with high blood sugar, on the other hand, for the treatment of serious diseases, the opinion of your doctor or specialist should always be sought.

What is the effect of Moringa on sexual performance?

It would seem good, since it acts as a general tonic for the body: it improves blood circulation and this favors the blood supply to the corpora cavernosa, helping to counteract male sexual dysfunctions and improving female ones; the neurochemical compounds and hormones that cause dysfunctions are inactivated thanks to the presence of numerous antioxidants.

Does taking Moringa supplement help you lose weight?

It is a significant aid for those who need to lose weight because it aids digestion and improves intestinal health, thanks to the presence of numerous micronutrients including vegetable fibers and a good content of vitamin B. In some animal studies it has been shown that the ‘Moringa intake resulted in less fat accumulation and faster disposal. The ability to regulate blood glucose helps keep hunger under control. Finally, the high amount of chlorophyll regulates oxygenation and helps purify the large intestine.

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