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Better sleep: why it matters and how to do it

sleep better

According to the most recent data, about one in four Italian adults would suffer from sleep disorders of different entities: from chronic insomnia to occasional awakenings during the night.

If the negative health effects of sleep deprivation are common experience (who has never felt tired and hungry, for example, after a sleepless night?), It is more difficult to realize bad habits that they can affect the quality of rest and take cover with solutions to sleep better. Without pretending to be exhaustive, therefore, what we will do below is to decipher together what signals the body sends when it needs more or better rest and how to do it.

Not before an important premise: in periods of greatest stress , and the approach of winter as more generally all the months marked by the change of season are certainly included among these, a valid aid for sleep can come from natural supplements and remedies such as Novanight herbal tea for sleeping . After all, there are moments in life that are impossible to deal with with that sense of chronic fatigue that brings with it the difficulty in falling asleep, especially if it lasts several nights in a row. It is neither the only effect of insomnia, temporary or chronic, nor the most annoying: often the lack of sleep manifests itself with irritability and nervousness , an atypical sense of hunger that tends to persist even after the main meals, less attention that often lowers performance and compromises the results obtained at work, in study, in sport. Not to mention, for example, that driving after a sleepless night increases the likelihood of accidents .

sleep better

How to sleep better with three simple steps

In short, there are many reasons to try to sleep better. A series of factors can be discriminating in this sense: from the choice of mattress to the amount of physical activity carried out during the day. The quality of sleep, however, is also affected by the general health conditions and the mental state in which we find ourselves (it is no coincidence that the periods of greatest stress are notoriously those in which we tend to sleep worse). The temptation is thus to think that you do not have so much power to control over how much and how you sleep at night. It is a wrong temptation: just think that there are at least three simple good practices that can greatly improve your sleep. The first is to pay attention to what you eat and drink before bed : not only to avoid waking up in the middle of the night , as happens to many, to go to the bathroom it could be useful to reduce the amount of fluids taken immediately before bed, but there are foods such as carbohydrates that induce sleep and others, instead, such as coffee or simple sugars that are exciting. To sleep better, it is recommended, secondly, to avoid TV series marathons and to stay hours and hours in front of the smartphone screen : blue light alters the circadian cycles, not to mention that the contents enjoyed can have an exciting effect. More generally, following a daily routine that is as much as possible in line with the natural cycle of light and dark and that does not vary much in the evening helps you sleep better.

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