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Between charm and innocence, Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture f / w 2022-2023

Fall winter fashion shows look

Elegance and recklessness: Schiaparelli high fashion imagines the next winter season in its unmistakable style.

We need to dream, express ourselves freely and from time to time allow ourselves the luxury of playing, rambling, experimenting: fashion is all this and much more, this seems to remind us of Daniel Roseberry , creative director of Schiaparelli. Beauty as an end in itself, chosen and lived only to be looked at: for next winter according to Schiaparelli guidelines, let's remember to choose bold, extravagant looks, which are mostly at the service of our ego and less than functionality.

Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2022-2023: a winter collection that celebrates wonder

Wonder is a constant of the Schiaparelli collections, where textile creation is inextricably intertwined with the language of art, rediscovering the innocent joy and primordial act of making the imagination matter and vision. Behind the Schiaparelli dress code there is no intention of returning to the everyday present, but rather being estranged from it to rediscover the beauty and wonders of life.

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I always talk about trying to reach that state of creative innocence, to fight to stay close to that person who has fallen in love with fashion and its possibilities, not to succumb to the cynicism or wear and tear of the world . I hope this spirit emerges from the collection: I hope that whoever sees it will understand how passionate the team and I are in making it. I hope that the joy we have felt in creating something, in making precious objects that people will always remember, is evident in every coat, dress and accessory, with the thought that accompanies them ” , this is how Roseberry summarized the silence of her collection.

There is therefore the unmistakable style of Schiaparelli, black, white and gold as essential colors that mix with each other, a precious, elegant and elegant, but disengaged and innocent style that not by chance takes the name of The New Couture .

Fall / winter 2022-2023 trends: items to wear, lady accessories, precious fabrics

Schiaparelli brings the timidly already in vogue trend of the object to wear to its maximum expression: flowers and branches that are transformed into sculptural brooches that become an integral part of the dress, golden buttons that do not simply embellish but enliven the clothes, and of course the bijoux, large, showy, playing with large wide-brimmed hats to those who steal the most attention.

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Corsets, visible underwear, very elegant hats, the lady's wardrobe remains in vogue also in the next winter season , and as such prefers precious and refined fabrics: velvet, chiffon, refined transparencies, haute couture remind us that a well-chosen fabric and precious can allow us to wear the simplest dress as well as the most minimal look.

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