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Between fringes, crystals and transparencies: the trends from MFW to note for summer 2023

Fashion Week 2022 shows

Reinterpretations from the archives, 90s and Y2K aesthetics, new designers, the trends intercepted on the summer catwalk of the MFW

The enthusiasm aroused by the last Milan Fashion Week 2022 which presented the women's collections for next spring / summer 2023 was evident: a rich and spectacular calendar in the preparation of the shows and in the initiatives, such as the fashion show open to all and to open by Diesel, the great anticipated returns under the guidance of new designers such as Maximilian Davis at the helm of Ferragamo and the surprise of discovering which trends will ride the next hot season. The thickest notes come from the catwalks of Bottega Veneta, Versace and Jil Sander, with a box dedicated to young designers who are already certainties rather than bets.

Summer 2023 fashion trends: Fringes, crystals, Y2K corsets and 90s vibes

Many fringes were seen on the summer runways of Milan Fashion Week. Thin and graceful as feathers by Bottega Veneta which has rediscovered the chic allure on long dresses, revisiting them also in a precious key as a complement to applications on prΓͺt-Γ -porter slips.

Still fringes also by Jil Sander , of which the unexpected show in the rain will be remembered forever, which made the parade of the models under the umbrella even more romantic. So under the summer rains that will already have made us dream of walks in elegant dresses covered with decidedly fluffy and soft fringes or long and thin, giving a boho touch to ultra chic dresses.

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The applications seem to be a sine qua non condition for the dresses, so from the fringes we move on to the crystals of Versace that by showing Paris Hilton at the end of the show still openly declares the solid link of the collection with the Y2K aesthetic, of which the pink dress shockino and sparkling worn by the celebrity is a real gem of the collection. Corsets and bras confirm that they are no longer drawer lingerie to be hidden, but to be worn with ease in the light of the sun and the moon.

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Marco Rambaldi, Andreadamo, Act N Β° 1: the designers to keep an eye on

For some years the fashion system has been betting and betting on young designers and stylists, who are asked to be creative, courageous, dare to Virgil Abloh but at the same time give the brand a strong identity when they are heirs of a maison or to lay the foundations when they are the proponents from scratch. So some names whose charm influencers and artists had already succumbed to, found confirmation in this MFW.

Andreadamo is the first name to be noted, do you remember the mother nature style top worn by Elodie and Chiara Ferragni this summer? Her summer collection is as much of the 2000s as there can be: cargo pants with laces, fringed tops with a see-through effect that are also transformed into sinuous jewel dresses . A luxury but definitely prΓͺt-Γ -porter collection.

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Supported by Valentino ACT N Β° 1 is a duo of designers already widely appreciated by the international celebrity parterre: their spring / summer 2023 is sumptuous and exaggerated with references to the oriental dress code and contemporary style that makes transparency its favorite game. There is even something angelic in the looks that promote denim paired with white as a trendy, 90's vibes color combination.

Last but not least, also look at the triumph of lace, lightness and romanticism of Marco Rambaldi , whose dress completely in lace and transparency in play could become one of the next cult of the summer 2023, also in the pencil skirt version to be combined with an oversized shirt with a masculine cut but to be worn knotted according to the feminine dress code.

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