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Bikini and porthole top: the neckline that is trendy in summer 2022

pink fringed bikini model

They have convinced celebrities and influencers, they conquer us too: they are swimsuits and tops with porthole necklines, chic and sexy

Asymmetrical cuts, cut outs, are the trendiest details of summer 2022 clothing, naturally declined also in the beachwear collections: on the hips, on the pelvis, on the décolléte, each one chooses her favorite cut out but there is no doubt that lately the porthole on the breast is one of the most sighted necklines not only in the choice of tops and dresses but also in the design of swimwear. And if a trend starts to go crazy among celebrities it is almost certain that it will conquer us too!

Swimwear with portholes: the models worn by Elisabetta Gregoraci, Britney Spears, Valentina Ferragni

Why is the porthole neckline particularly loved by celebrities? Most likely because it is a sensual but original décolleté, which lets you glimpse but not too much: a playful and lively style that manages to be bold but with elegance, both in the city and on vacation.

Valentina Ferragni is undoubtedly addicted to this neckline, which she chooses for top dresses and also for the swimsuit, and indeed she even suggests us how to create it, revolutionizing the way to wear a classic bikini. In fact, it will be enough to fasten the laces on the breast that we generally put around the neck or on the shoulders, to make our bikini porthole for yours.

Also very popular is the band porthole worn by Elisabetta Gregoraci in Amalfi style, which can also be used as a top since according to this year's Y2K trend, the border between top and bikini has become very thin. Colorful, fluo and sporty top design, the porthole neckline also convinced Britney Spears and Elodie who sported a ribbed bikini top by AndreAdamo for the Tribale video.

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Porthole bikinis, one piece and top: Tezenis, Calzedonia, Yamamay models to be purchased also on sale

The porthole neckline is not found as a cut-out detail only on bikini tops and bands but also on one-piece swimsuits. In fact, with the sales underway, this can be an opportunity to add this trendy model to your beachwear wardrobe: bikini or swimsuit with multicolored portholes we find it in the new Tezenis collection, which for talent members with app has currently discounted swimsuits up to 50%.

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– Cup models or embellished with a ring or we find them in the Yamamay collection among the bra bikinis or even tops: an elegant and chic line, to which are also added the crossed swimsuits and a décolléte with a more daring and sensual porthole. Boho chic models that do not give up this very feminine touch, with vitaminic colors and 70s vibes are also in the Pull and Bear beachwear collection, which will appeal to those looking for a colorful and effervescent beachwear collection.

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