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Bikinis go to town: the latest Y2K trend is to wear swimsuits not just at the beach

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The swimsuit discovers a second casual life: here's how and when to wear it not only on the beach

The summer of 2022 rewrites the rules of the bikini, taking us back in time when in the pop star videos we saw it paired with denim cargo pants – still vivid images of Christina Aguilera in the Dirty video in which there was already some clue to the pants sexy at the Mugler of the moment – but also by Britney Spears. In short, this year the swimsuit has officially a new life, designed to be worn not only at the sea but also in the city, as Elodie reminded us at the gates of summer in the Tribale video.

Summer 2022 bikinis: which models to wear in the city and how to combine them

In short, celebrities have dusted off a trend that appeared for this season on the catwalks of Jacquemus, Bluemarine and Dolce and Gabban a. The protagonist is not only briefs that reveal laces or elastic bands thanks to the low-waisted trousers with a crotch effect, but also the bra of the swimsuit to be worn exactly like a crop top. So wearing the two pieces in the city or the one-piece swimsuit that turns into a body is possible, as also shown by the latest fast fashion trends.

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If the crop top could make you feel more comfortable being a bra top like most of the crop tops out of the collections in the last year, the triangle bikini should be worn with strategy: in the city, for example, it is perfect with a blouse or a cardigan, thus recalling that sexy look that reveals the bra, perfect for an evening look in company, perhaps at the disco or at a party.

Swimsuit in the city: pop diva looks like Elodie and Dua Lipa

Obviously, be careful to abandon yourself to this trend with strategy, because occasion and context are important . The bikini or swimsuit can become a more daring day or evening look if we are in a vacation location, in the city it is always better to choose it during the day, for example for a day at the park but always opting for a transparent or white shirt to leave a slightly unbuttoned and high-waisted trousers. The context is therefore a day of relaxation and free time.

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Elodie 's bikini look, decidedly more sexy, is to be chosen to wear the swimsuit not only at the sea but in a holiday context: choose a bikini to wear in the evening, especially at an event or a party on the beach under the stars is cool and super cool. The cargo pants + bikini combo is undoubtedly the most popular, also chosen by Dua Lipa who embellished the triangle with a pin for an evening look.

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