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Black Friday fashion: between advances, fast shopping and discounted luxury purchases

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This year the appointment with Black Friday is November 25th and the world of fashion is also starting to warm up the atmosphere, even a little early

Every year, in addition to the sales, there is another particularly awaited shopping moment, which falls just before the Christmas shopping rush starts and when the winter season has now entered, we need to review and enrich our wardrobe. Black Friday, officially on November 25th, is an appointment with discounts that affect all sectors: for fashion addicts it is the wonderful opportunity to hope that that much desired garment will be taken for granted or that the luxury accessory or dress of dreams will become within the reach of your budget. In the meantime, here are some sites to keep an eye on, some advances and tips for shopping!

Black Friday 2022: advances from Mango, discounts from Asos, Zalando, About You

It is now an established tradition that Black Friday is celebrated before the fateful day: newsletters, previews and curiosities about which items we will see on sale and what surprises the brands reserve for us warm up the atmosphere and someone even chooses to anticipate them. For example, Mango has already created a special section exclusively online with discounts of up to 50%. Among the selected items, coats and duvets but also blazers are at a discounted price ranging from 50 to 120 euros.

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The fantastic three that actually pamper us with discounts all year round are the other three sites to keep an eye on: Asos , which gives away Black Friday pills every day with discounts of up to 30% and which on Black Friday will drop even more plus, then there's Zalando , with some promos already underway that confirm the fever for outerwear and watch out for About You too. The app that offers a selection of personalized garments, to be placed in the shopping cart, could reserve many surprises, perhaps recommending our favorite garments in black.

Luxury shopping in black: Chiara Ferragni, Fendi, Farfetch and My Theresa discounts

For many of us, Black Friday can be the right opportunity to make a small investment: give ourselves a luxury garment or accessory that our wallets couldn't afford in normal times. Of course, the prices will always be relevant, but with discounts of up to 50% anything is possible.

Chiara Ferragni , for example, has already announced that she will be discounting items from the winter collection at half price: it is therefore worth keeping an eye on the site which could anticipate the discounts and keep your dream items aside in the cart. Who knows, maybe a small discount might also affect the latest dress from the Holiday collection that we saw her wearing. Marvelous!

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This year his fashion show that celebrated 25 years of the Baguette refocused attention on an it-bag that knows time and that is worth collecting and showing off: keep an eye on the Fendi website because there could be unexpected discounts on this model .

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And if you have decided to put something aside and invest in an iconic and luxury garment over the long term, you can only carefully monitor the My Theresa and Farfetch sites: a true point of reference for those who dream of packing a luxury wardrobe at reduced prices.

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