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Black gums, causes and symptoms: the alarm bell of a serious problem

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Black gums should never be underestimated because they could be the alarm bell of a serious problem.

Have you noticed that you have black gums? If the answer is yes, you must immediately seek medical advice . In most cases, just having a healthy lifestyle and everything goes back to normal, but some situations could be much, much more serious. Let's look at the causes, symptoms and treatment.

Black gums: causes and symptoms

Although few people notice it, gum health is essential. It may happen that they are swollen or painful or that they have a dark, tending to black color. Focusing on this last aspect, even if it is an uncommon condition, it should be emphasized that it is a problem that should never be taken lightly. When the gums enjoy complete health they appear light pink, so when the color is not this it means that something is wrong.

Black gums can be caused by: smoking, drug use, poor oral hygiene, pregnancy, teething (only in children), excess melanin (genetic, from Addison's disease, von Recklinghausen disease or Peutz-Jeghers syndrome), infections of bacterial origin and presence of amalgam on the gingival tissue. In addition to the dark complexion, this problem can trigger other symptoms , such as pain, bleeding and bad breath. Regardless of the cause, gum inflammation must be treated immediately because it could turn into periodontitis. The latter, if not treated adequately, can lead to tooth loss.


Black gums: treatment and natural remedies

Without a doubt, the first thing to do in the presence of black gums or gingivitis is to go to the dentist . Only the latter can give a correct diagnosis and suggest the most appropriate treatment. In most cases, cleaning your teeth or using a good mouthwash is enough. In other situations, however, antibiotic therapy, oxygen therapy or even surgery may be necessary.

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