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black Russian

black Russian

Ingredients and recipe of the Black Russian, a sweet and ideal cocktail to serve after dinner. A must try!

Are you a cocktail lover or are you simply curious about this world and want to find out how to prepare a good drink? Now we will explain how to prepare in a few simple steps a sweet and perfect cocktail to serve after dinner: the Black Russian! It is a great classic and its name recalls the two ingredients used: black for the coffee liqueur and russian in honor of the vodka. These few simple ingredients are enough to create a drink with a unique taste which, with its coffee scent, lends itself to being served with all kinds of sweets.

But be careful: the black russian has a high alcohol content thanks to the combination of liqueur and vodka: do not overdo the quantities! Now let's find out the recipe , the story and the combinations .

black Russian
black Russian

Preparation of black russian

  1. Take a cocktail glass (the one for the old fashioned is perfect) and fill it with ice cubes.
  2. Pour the vodka inside first and then the coffee liqueur. Gently mix with the appropriate cocktail spoon and serve immediately !
  3. Repeat the operation also with the second glass and toast together.

The story, the combinations and the variations

Like all cocktails, even "black" has its history. The inventor of this drink was a Belgian barman , Gustave Topsè, who in 1949 prepared it at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels in honor of Pearl Mesta, at that time, American ambassador in Luxembourg.

Being a drink with a predominantly sweet taste, black russian is excellent to serve after dinner and in combination with desserts such as trifle, tiramisu, chocolate or fruit tarts.

The best known variant is undoubtedly the so-called White Russian, which is always prepared with vodka and coffee liqueur, but involves the addition of cream .

Alternatively you can also try the Bloody Mary .

Alcohol content of the black russian drink

The Black Russian is a classic cocktail made simply of vodka and coffee liqueur (usually Kahlúa ). Since it contains no other ingredients, the alcohol content will depend on the amount of vodka used and the alcohol percentage of the coffee liqueur.

Vodka is generally around 40% ABV, while coffee liqueur such as Kahlúa is around 20% ABV.

If you use the classic Black Russian recipe, with 5 cl of vodka and 2 cl of coffee liqueur, the alcohol content of the cocktail will be around 29% . However, it's always important to remember that the alcohol content can vary depending on the specific brand of vodka and coffee liqueur used.

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