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Blood loss before your period: what they can indicate


Bleeding before your period can be completely normal. Let's find out why it happens and how to act.

When we talk about bleeding before the period, we mean those losses that occur between one menstruation and the other and which can have a color ranging from red to pink. In some cases, these menstrual bleeding are also called pre-period spotting.
Although in most cases it is a purely physiological factor , in rare cases, blood loss before the period can have other meanings that it is always very important to investigate. Here, then, which are the most important to know.

The causes of blood before the period

In most cases, red losses before your period, just like brown losses, need not cause any concern.


However, it is important to know that among the various and possible causes there are:

– Hormonal changes
– Implant losses
Extrauterine pregnancy
– Use of contraceptives
– Polycystic ovary syndrome
– Endometriosis
– Internal trauma
– Polyps
– Premenopause
– Tumors

These are therefore reasons ranging from the lightest to the most important and for which it is therefore important to consult a doctor both at the first episode of blood before the cycle and in case of future changes.

What to do when bleeding occurs before your period

As already mentioned, when you are faced with losses before the cycle it is important to understand what it is. From the first episode it is therefore important to consult your doctor to evaluate what to do. In most cases, once established that this is a completely normal factor, we can limit ourselves to monitoring the situation .

Even in this case, however, every slightest variation must be shared with the doctor. This is the only way to experience the menstrual cycle with the right serenity, avoiding possible complications thanks to immediate action. In more complex cases, in fact, the gynecologist can arrange specific examinations aimed at investigating the actual causes of the losses. These include blood tests, ultrasound and any other checks established from time to time by the doctor .

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