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Blood loss in menopause: what they depend on and how to act


Menopausal bleeding is a fairly common problem. Let’s find out what they depend on and how to act when they arise.

Suffering from bleeding in menopause can depend on several reasons that are most often related to the hormonal change taking place. Generally this phenomenon is also called menopausal spotting and concerns losses of various types and which tend to present themselves in different ways. Therefore, when blood loss occurs in menopause, do not be alarmed. It is important, however, to notify your doctor in order to understand the causes.

Blood loss in menopause: the most common causes

There is a substantial difference between the spotting of the pre minus pause and the initial one and that which occurs after a year.


Pink menopausal discharge (as well as brown discharge) are more than normal in the first few months, for example. On the other hand, they become rarer when one goes without a period for more than a year . If in the first case the blood spots in menopause, as well as any more abundant losses are almost always to be considered the result of hormonal changes , in the case of menopause more than started there could be different causes.

From the use of drugs that can cause bleeding to the possible presence of polyps, these are obviously problems that should always be addressed with your doctor. For this reason, regardless of the period in which you are in and the type of losses you have, asking for a consultation is always the first thing to do.

Blood loss remedies

Often, menopause brings with it various ailments that are capable of generating stress. When this happens, the hormones can get high and (in some cases) lead to leaks.
The latter, in fact, occur very often even when taking hormone therapy to support secondary problems.

In this case, the doctor, after carrying out the necessary investigations , may decide to replace the hormones and prescribe sage extracts to counteract hot flashes or valerian for the mood underground.
In case of abdominal swelling it may be useful to intervene with green tea .

However, it is good to remember that in rare cases, blood loss can also indicate other types of problems and that it is therefore preferable to contact your doctor immediately, especially because during the period of losses it will be much easier to obtain a targeted diagnosis.

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