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Body care: the importance of the beauty routine on well-being

Girl in the mirror

Following a specific beauty routine every day, tailored to your skin, means taking care of your body.

But above all, dedicate some time to yourself, take care of your appearance, be aware of your natural charm and achieve a better level of well-being and psychophysical harmony .

Having a face with luminous and well-hydrated skin is important not only to make one's appearance more pleasant and attractive, but also to increase self-esteem and self-confidence and to relate spontaneously and easily with others, thanks to a well-groomed and well-groomed appearance. pleasant.

Of course, it is important to define and set up the skin routine suitable for your skin type and also your lifestyle, and realize that this is a healthy habit from a young age, as it allows you to keep your skin soft and elastic , preventing many complications, especially for those with a hectic and stressful life.

Girl in the mirror

Which products are used in a beauty routine

To create your own ideal beauty routine , you need, first of all, to know your skin type, which can be predominantly dry or oily, or combination.

Indicatively, it can be said that the essential cosmetics for the health and beauty of the body and hair are cleansers and scrubs, as well as moisturizing and eye contour products. In the same way, it is possible to promote the well-being and care of the skin by including the application of a nourishing serum and a protective day cream in the beauty routine, which allows you to protect the skin from the action of UV rays and other external agents, such as smog.

Complete your beauty routine with make-up and perfume

To take best care of yourself and feel good about your body, it is important to carefully choose the make-up you want to show off during the day. The advice is to use products that respect the skin and, at the same time, to move towards shades that best enhance your complexion , highlighting your strengths.

To complete the beauty routine, perfume cannot be missing. The right fragrances, in fact, are capable of provoking intense emotions, often bringing back pleasant memories.

Among the most interesting proposals of the moment it is possible to include Gozo Jeroboam , a flowery perfume that celebrates the uniqueness of the island of Malta, exploiting sparkling and exotic top notes such as saffron and bergamot. As regards the heart notes, however, they include a pleasant floral bouquet mixed with cedar wood . It then closes with a warm and exotic finish made of patchouli, white musk and ambroxan.

How to organize your daily beauty routine

The beauty routine must be followed and respected every day , as it helps maintain healthy and clean skin, preventing damage due to cell oxidation.

The first phase is a deep cleansing , to be carried out, according to preferences and habits, with a tonic, a gel, a mousse or a solid soap. Periodically, about once a week, it is recommended to also use a delicate scrub .

After cleansing, we move on to using a tonic which, by restoring the natural pH of the skin, strengthens the natural defenses and restores brightness and softness . The tonic can be astringent, for oily skin, or soothing for dry skin. At this point you can apply a product for the eye contour area or an anti-aging serum with a more general action.

The beauty routine is finally completed with the application of a hydrating and nourishing product , which can be a cream as well as a mousse or gel. Once or twice a week, it is useful to apply a nourishing and regenerating mask .

Naturally, if the beauty routine is performed in the evening, before starting it is necessary to remove any residue of make-up with micellar water or cleansing milk.

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