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Boiled potatoes and tuna: two perfect ingredients for the salad

tuna and potato salad

There are many ways to prepare tuna and potato salad and we are about to reveal three of them, one better than the other.

Of all the quick and easy recipes you can prepare, there is one that is perfect to serve both as a side dish and as a main dish . We are talking about potato and tuna salad, one of those preparations that really can turn your day around. Whether you decide to prepare it in its simplest version or in one of the richer ones that we propose, the result is guaranteed.

To prepare it, simply boil the potatoes, add the tuna and make everything tastier with two ingredients: dill and sliced ​​olives . Obviously you can also add cherry tomatoes, onions, boiled eggs or why not cucumbers: it will always be excellent!

tuna and potato salad
tuna and potato salad

How to prepare the potato and tuna salad recipe

  1. First, boil the peeled potatoes in plenty of salted water. It will take 20 to 40 minutes depending on the size. To make the recipe even quicker you can steam them in a pressure cooker after cutting them into four parts for 9 minutes .
  2. Once ready, let them cool and cut them into pieces . Combine them in a salad bowl.
  3. Now all that remains is to add the tuna, only partially drained, and mix everything together. Flavor with chopped dill (parsley is fine too) and olives cut into slices. Season with salt and flavor everything with a splash of vinegar.
  4. Mix and let rest in the refrigerator for an hour before serving.

As mentioned, this recipe is really simple to customize. Take for example the salad with tuna, potatoes, onions and cherry tomatoes. After all, all we did was add half a sliced ​​red onion and a dozen cherry tomatoes cut in half and yet it turned into a completely different recipe. Potato, tuna and egg salad is perfect for trips out of town or for business lunches. In this case, add 2-3 boiled eggs , depending on your hunger, cut into pieces but let us reveal a secret: this variant, if seasoned with mayonnaise , is even better!

Also take a look at our potato salad : it is truly delicious and excellent as a side dish to all your main courses.


Salads are not very suitable for storage. However, if you have leftovers, place it in the refrigerator tightly closed in a container and consume it within a couple of days .

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