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Bold, sexy and glam: how to combine black leather pants, now more versatile than ever

black leather pants

By now a wardrobe statement item, black leather trousers are worn every day: they look good on everything, giving grit to our outfits

Leggings, jeggings, over cut trousers or with a defined and rigorous fit, black trousers have changed their rules for some time now. In the 70s/80s, music stars made a great display of them, a symbol of transgression and expression of sexual freedom in their crotch fit: deciding to wear them was therefore a sign of audacity and it was done above all with an evening outfit in mind. Today, however, they are worn without rules: with a sweater, a cardigan, a top or a t-shirt, black leather pants have also become casual. It's up to us to decide the mood to give it.

Shiny black leather pants, mix and match, straight and wide: how they go together

The tight models, with a perfect fit like a second skin, are the ones we prefer the most because we can wear them exactly like a pair of leggings or a pair of jeans: this immediately makes them synonymous with practicality and comfort. Furthermore, the advantage is that these trousers are an investment without season: we can wear them in winter as in summer.

Tight black leather pants

One of the boldest looks is the one in total black: with a pair of combat boots and a sweater or tank top if our mood is sporty, with a pair of chic leather pumps and a black shirt if the occasion that awaits us is elegant or formal but we don't want to go unnoticed. Do not underestimate this last outfit as an alternative to the suit for self-made women .

Black trousers with leather details

Contemporary models are also mix and match ones, where leather can be transformed into a detail that gives lucidity and elegance to trousers, a perfect combination for those who want to be daring but sparingly, focusing more on a dynamic and chic appeal, emphasizing less audacity that characterizes this fabric. In total black , exaggerate with accessories: gloves, bags, bracelets, let yourself be inspired by the heroines of action films where leather has always been the fabric chosen for looks from extreme and adventurous missions.

Straight leather trousers with wide ankles

If the tight-fitting models are mostly sporty and sexy, the right compromise is flared or straight and wide, certainly the most worn for a casual office look, perfect for most shoe models: from pumps to moccasins, from ankle boots to sandals and even with a pair of sneakers.

Black yes, but with colorful accessories and details to spice it up

Not just total black! The black leather trousers can be combined with basic colors such as white and beige, which give a bon ton effect with an evergreen flavor or even with a lively and gritty nuance such as red or purple, for those looking for a more lively and never conventional.

Black pants with red pumps

Even the bag can play in contrasting nuances, preferably in leather or suede to give you a glam and sophisticated allure: shoulder models, handbags but also fanny packs, just think of the decidedly ultra-feminine and delightful Chanel matelassé ones.

Shoulder bags prêt a porter

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