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Borborygmi: what they are and what are the cures


Borborygmas are so-called stomach noises. Let's find out what they depend on and how to cure them.

The term borborygmi was born to indicate the classic noises due to bowel movements, stomach rumbling or abdominal gurgles. Their frequency is variable and can occur regardless of whether you are on an empty stomach or on a full stomach. Their size can also vary. Sometimes, in fact, they can only be perceived by the person concerned while, in other cases, they can be so strong that they can also be heard by others.
Usually they do not represent a problem but in some cases they can be associated with other symptoms . For this reason it is very useful to get to know them better.

Borborygmi: types and frequent causes

Borborygmi, as already mentioned, can depend on different causes and for this reason they are classified in two main ways which are:


– Hypoactive: when intestinal activity is slowed down

– Hyperactive: when they are loud and noisy and are linked to gastrointestinal disorders

Going to the causes, also in this case there are different types. They range from the presence of gas in the stomach or intestines, to hunger , prolonged fasting, excessive gastric activity, muscle contractions, digestion, etc…
In all these cases it is therefore a purely physiological manifestation and should not cause any concern.

If bororigmi instead become constant and increasingly intense, it is important to consult a doctor because, at the base, there could be problems such as food allergies or intolerances, stress, incorrect diet, etc … Generally, the doctor of reference is the gastroenterologist who, after a An accurate anamnesis will establish how to proceed and whether it is appropriate to prescribe drugs based on the cause found.

In some cases, to arrive at a diagnosis, the doctor may decide to prescribe some in-depth tests such as the classic blood tests, endoscopy, ultrasound, CT or magnetic resonance. These will serve to give him a more certain picture of the situation and to eliminate any pathology about which he may be in doubt.

How to avoid borborygmi

Once you have established with your doctor that there is no disease behind these noises, you can implement lifestyle changes that can somehow reduce their extent and frequency. First of all, it is important to eat in a healthy and balanced way, avoiding large or difficult to digest meals.

The same will then be consumed calmly and chewing every single bite well. It will then be appropriate to practice physical activity , avoid any possible source of stress and sleep well . All ways of doing things that, among other things, make everyday life easier by improving the quality of life itself.

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