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Bore out: what it is, how to recognize it and what to do when you suffer from it

boredom office

Bore out syndrome is more common than you think. Let's find out how to recognize it and how to act.

There are conditions that are still little known today and which for this reason can be difficult, make you feel alienated and out of place and all just because you don't know how to deal with them.
Among many, a very little known is the bore out syndrome . A condition characterized by chronic boredom in the workplace. Which over time expands over the entire existence and which can lead to states of anxiety, problems with depression, etc… Knowing it better, therefore, is certainly a good way to prevent the problem from getting worse and to deal with it in time to in order to improve the quality of life.

Bore out: meaning of the word and of the syndrome

The term “bore out” was coined in 2007 by two Swiss consultants named Philippe Rothlin and Peter Werder. The two colleagues have in fact talked about the boreout in a volume using this word to define a form of chronic boredom at work.

boredom office
boredom office

Bore out syndrome therefore means a feeling of boredom that arises in the workplace and which gradually extends to every aspect of existence. Those who suffer from it thus find themselves slowly developing problems such as migraines , sleep disturbances, or depression.
Often confused with a sense of general tiredness, in reality this problem should always be tackled with the right attention. If this does not happen, in fact, the risk is to see it worsen.

What are the symptoms of bore out

As already mentioned, confusing the first symptoms of the bore out with general tiredness is very simple. For this reason it can be useful to go back to the causes in order to learn to recognize them from the very first manifestations.

Among the most common symptoms are, therefore:

Lack of concentration
– Sense of apathy
– Constant distraction
– Slowness in carrying out one's duties
– General nervousness
– Intestinal problems

If the first symptoms are usually present during working hours , many others also occur when you are at home. All this therefore creates an unpleasant condition which is not limited to working hours. The sense of inadequacy, in fact, leads to a growing nervousness that also extends into everyday life and which also leads to a bad experience in all other situations, including night sleep. Hence a sense of tiredness that adds up to everything and often deprives us of the strength and desire to act to change things.

How to act when you suffer from bore out syndrome

This syndrome is not easy to deal with, however much can be done to change things. What matters is to act in small steps and without having too many pretensions.
Working on yourself is therefore very important. The ultimate goal should in fact be to understand what's really wrong. Only in this way will it be possible to understand if there are aspects of the work being carried out that one does not like and how to intervene on them.

From changing your approach to what you do, to setting goals to even changing jobs , there are many possibilities. It will only be acknowledging what created the sense of boredom that will in fact help fix things.

Furthermore, committing yourself to making your free time more pleasant, creating hobbies and focusing on these too, committing yourself to work in order to have more time for yourself, in some cases can be a good way to find a minimum of motivation.

Difference between born out and bore out

It is often difficult to distinguish between born out and bore out. If the first is related to work stress, the second, as already mentioned, depends more on a boredom factor .
Both have very common symptoms and it is not impossible that the two situations do not intertwine.

What matters is always being honest with yourself, not being afraid to acknowledge any weaknesses and always having the desire to work on them to live better. And that whether it's doing it yourself or with the help of a psychotherapist . Sometimes, in fact, even a simple chat with someone who is able to offer an external opinion can make the difference.

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