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Bresaola, rocket and parmesan, a simple and light appetizer

Bresaola, rocket and parmesan

To color the table with delicious appetizers, do not miss the carpaccio of bresaola, rocket and parmesan on your list.

Do you want fresh and light meals? The carpaccio of bresaola in its typical simplicity will be perfect in any season. Bresaola with rocket and parmesan is a light dish usually consumed as an appetizer , but you can also use this recipe for a quick and light dinner all to yourself. Seasoned with oil and lemon, the bresaola will have its icing on the cake (so to speak, no cake). If necessary, enriched with the condiments you prefer, there are no rules. You can use balsamic vinegar or even mustard, add a pinch of black pepper or some olives if you like.

Now let’s find out how to prepare this light meal.

Bresaola, rocket and parmesan
Bresaola, rocket and parmesan

Preparation of the bresaola recipe with rocket and parmesan

  1. Arrange the bresaola slices on a plate, and set aside.
  2. In a bowl, emulsify the oil with salt and lemon juice. Spread the mixture over the bresaola until it is slightly immersed.
  3. Wash and break the rocket, cut the washed tomatoes in half, and season the bresaola.
  4. Complete the dish with parmesan flakes and serve your carpaccio!

This appetizer is a really simple dish to prepare, but it can be revisited with simple additions or modifications. Season the bresaola carpaccio with balsamic vinegar or mustard . You can replace, if you want, the parmesan with grana.

You are also free to add a handful of black olives to the condiments, preferably pitted and cut into rounds. A handful of capers will go great with your bresaola.

To vary the shape, create rolls with bresaola stuffed with all its ingredients; then season with oil, balsamic vinegar, or as you like best.


If you don’t eat the whole bresaola carpaccio right away, keep it in the fridge for a couple of days. To enrich your table, also try the Chiantigiana red croutons.

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