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Butterbur: many benefits of the plant, but beware of contraindications

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A natural remedy used since ancient times, butterbur should never be taken without medical advice: let's see its properties.

Plant with a particular and very curious appearance, the butterbur grows spontaneous above all in the woods. Also used in the kitchen, as a side dish or condiment for first courses, it is a valid natural remedy to combat various problems. Before taking it, however, it is good to know its contraindications.

Butterbur: the properties

Belonging to the Compositae family, butterbur is a herbaceous medicinal plant that has a rather singular shape. At first glance it looks like a hat , with lots of heart-shaped leaves. Not only that, butterbur has an equally particular flower: a kind of purple/pink pine cone with white dots. It is precisely thanks to this aspect that it is easily recognizable. It grows spontaneously in the woods or on the mountains, even in Italy where the most common species is the white one.

This plant boasts important therapeutic properties , which is why it has been used since the dawn of time as a natural remedy. Powerful antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, butterbur is recommended to combat all problems affecting the gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts and the epidermis, especially in the case of reddened skin. Not only that, it is also indicated to combat migraines , seasonal allergies and related disorders, such as rhinitis and asthma attacks, coughs and colds.

Butterbur: contraindications to keep in mind

Butterbur is one of the most powerful natural remedies, but its use should be limited as much as possible because it is considered a potentially toxic plant. The reason is to be found in the presence of alkaloids. Therefore, before using it it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor or opt for another phytotherapeutic solution. However, it is recommended not to use it for a long time because it can cause serious side effects.

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