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Caipiroska, the strawberry cocktail recipe!

Strawberry caipiroska

Ingredients and recipe for making strawberry caipiroska, one of the most popular cocktails and a true symbol of summer!

Today we offer you the recipe for making strawberry caipiroska, a drink made with strawberries and lime crushed with sugar, crushed ice and vodka. Remember that it is very important to use untreated and safe fruit.

Like all recipes of this type, you should know that there are several alternatives . For example, there are those who use strawberry syrup instead of fresh ones or those who also use different fruit, giving sight to always new tasty cocktails. Let's now see all the steps of preparation and… to health!

Strawberry caipiroska
Strawberry caipiroska

Preparation of the strawberry caipiroska

  1. First, carefully wash the lime and strawberries, remove the stalks from the strawberries and cut them into quarters, then cut the lime into cubes as well .
  2. Transfer the lime and strawberries into a special cocktail glass, add the brown sugar and mash everything with the special cocktail pestle so that the juice comes out of the lime and strawberries.
  3. Chop the ice coarsely with a suitable food processor or beat the ice cubes with a meat mallet to obtain a sort of grenadine. Cover the lime and crushed strawberries with crushed ice and add the vodka.
  4. Stir with a spoon, decorate with fresh mint (optional), add the straws and serve immediately.

Caipiroska and caipirinha: what's the difference?

This cocktail is a variation of the even more famous caipirinha, the Brazilian drink that has cachaca, lime, sugar and ice as its main ingredients. The two drinks differ mainly for the alcoholic part, however they are both pounded: in fact, lime and cane sugar are crushed with a small mortar, together with the fruit, for a perfectly harmonious result. Vodka, however, compared to cachaca, is more neutral and for this reason it is more suitable to undergo variations that are better than the other.

Alternatively you can also try the bloody mary cocktail.


We recommend consuming the strawberry drink at the moment , before the ice melts and makes the cocktail washed out.

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