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Calf cramps: most common causes and possible remedies

calf cramp

Calf cramps are a fairly common problem but can sometimes have causes that are essential to recognize. Let’s find out which are the most important.

When you suffer from calf cramps, there can be many causes behind this problem . In fact, they range from potassium deficiency, to injuries and even to circulatory problems.
Understanding why calf cramps occur therefore requires a good medical history that should always be taken by the doctor in order to be aware of the causes and possible solutions .

Calf cramps: causes and remedies

In most cases, calf cramps occur during or after sports.
In other cases they may arrive in the middle of the night or at different times of the day and apparently for no real reason.

calf cramp
calf cramp

Among the most common causes are:

– Lack of potassium or other mineral salts
– Strains or contractures
– Overexertion of the calf muscles
– Abuse of alcohol or smoking

In more serious cases, however, foot and calf cramps can also indicate existing pathologies such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, vascular diseases or kidney problems.
If the pains become frequent, it is therefore very important to contact your primary care physician to be on the safe side.

How to cure calf cramps

In the face of calf cramps, what to do is not always so intuitive.
Of course, knowing the cause can be of great help. While waiting for the medical examination, there are several small strategies that can be implemented.
First you can try not to repeat the exercises and movements that create the cramp. You can then perform stretching and massages.

Also for calf cramps, the most effective remedies are also a reintegration of mineral salts (such as potassium or magnesium ) and hot baths. In case of pain associated with cramps, arnica cream can also be useful in helping to soothe possible inflammation.
That said, it is always important to address calf cramps with an open view and ready to explore the various possibilities . Only in this way will it be possible to trace the real cause and find a solution that is as decisive as possible.

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