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Can you eat cooked ham when you are pregnant? Here’s what to know

baked ham

Many people wonder if cooked ham during pregnancy is allowed or not: let's find out what the answer is.

Those who are pregnant have a whole series of foods that they cannot consume and which are to be considered forbidden for the nine months of the pregnancy. For this reason, many people wonder if cooked ham during pregnancy is one of them or if, on the other hand, it can be consumed without problems.
While there is some confusion on the subject, knowing the answer is very important.
So let's find out which one is the right one and how to behave when dealing with this salami .

Cooked ham in pregnancy: how to behave

Let's start immediately by saying that cooked ham is among the foods allowed even during pregnancy .

baked ham
baked ham

Although it is a cured meat, as the word itself suggests, it is in fact cooked and therefore risk-free for the pregnant woman. Its consumption is therefore to be considered suitable also for those who fear toxoplasmosis from cooked ham. The cooking process , in fact, eliminates any possible risk of contracting both this infection and any other virus.

Obviously, it is important to follow some precautions to always be on the safe side and to be certain that the ham consumed is cooked to the right point and does not really present any type of risk .

How to manage the consumption of cooked ham

If it is true that it is possible to eat cooked ham while you are pregnant, it is also true that there are special precautions that must never be forgotten and must always be followed. One of these is to always choose packaged cooked ham during pregnancy . In this way you will have the certainty that the same has been well cooked and that it does not present problems.

On the contrary, handcrafted hams should be avoided. And this is because the cooking process could be altered in some way. Moving on to other precautions, there is that of always choosing unexpired and well-preserved products. Avoid swollen packages and never eat the ham in case of doubts about its wholesomeness.

It is, in fact, a meat -based product and for this reason, if poorly stored, it can represent a danger. Having said that, keeping in mind every little attention, contrary to what happens for the consumption of mortadella , that of cooked ham is allowed without problems.

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