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Caramelized peaches

Caramelized peaches

Caramelized peaches with the addition of a scoop of ice cream are a delicious dessert to serve after a meal. Here's the recipe!

Are you unexpected guests or do you simply have little desire to spend time between the oven and dishes to prepare an elaborate dessert? Don't panic! Today we explain how to prepare caramelized peaches with ice cream, a pudding that you can prepare in just a few minutes. All you have to do is wash the peaches and after having cut them and passed them in the sugar you will have to caramelize them in the pan.

Since you will be using peaches directly with the peel, it is preferable to use untreated fruit of safe origin. Now let's see the ingredients and the recipe step by step, good preparation.

Caramelized peaches
Caramelized peaches

Preparation of caramelized peaches

  1. First, wash the peaches well, dry them, remove the stems, cut them in half and then into slices, removing the pits.
  2. Melt about 35 g of butter in a pan over very low heat.
  3. Once melted, add the cane sugar and wait for it to melt well in the butter.
  4. Now add the peaches and let them caramelize evenly. It will take about 5 minutes .
  5. Now put them in a small bowl and combine them with a scoop of matching ice cream.

Alternatively you can try the sweet peaches stuffed with alchermes .


Caramelized peaches are very good if eaten as soon as they are ready , however you can keep them for a maximum of one day in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

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