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Carbonara My Way: how much does the variant with gold leaves cost

Carbonara My Way

There are those who prepare carbonara with 24 carat gold leaves: how to prepare it and how much does chef Creti's My Way carbonara cost.

The carbonara recipe is a pillar of Italian cuisine, especially Roman cuisine, and everyone seems to have their own method and secrets for preparing it . Daniele Creti, Executive Chef of the Allegrìo restaurant located in the historic Via Veneto in Rome , has decided to take this dish to a higher level with his “Carbonara My Way” version. His interpretation not only pays homage to culinary tradition, but enriches it with a rather unusual and luxurious ingredient : 24-carat gold.

Carbonara My Way
Carbonara My Way

How to make carbonara My Way

Attention to detail and the choice of ingredients represent the basis of Allegrìo 's “Carbonara My Way”. Eggs from free-range hens in the Frusinate area, bacon, low-salt pecorino cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano aged for 48 months for a lactose-free version . Everything is enriched with fresh black pepper and dried pasta prepared by an artisanal pasta factory. The carbocrema is prepared with care and dedication, carefully pasteurized to guarantee safety for the customer and a unique silky consistency.

After all this information your mouth will already be watering, but wait… because the element that distinguishes this particular version of carbonara is the use of edible gold , which is placed on the plate before being served, making every taste a unique experience.

How to serve My Way carbonara

Table service plays a fundamental role in the experience offered by Allegrìo . Taking up the tradition of gueridon service , chef Creti and his team finish the dish on the flame, stirring the carbonara directly in front of the customers, using golden utensils that reflect the exclusivity of the dish. This practice not only ensures freshness and perfection in the taste of the dish, but also adds a dramatic element to the entire experience.

Right at the end they add the gold leaves which are the co-protagonists of the iconic first course of the Italian (and Roman in particular) tradition.

How much does carbonara with gold leaves cost

The My Way carbonara is a workhorse of the Roman pizza restaurant. Many people choose it over and over again, and even the locals go crazy for it, often posting posts that portray the first course of pasta in all its splendor.

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The dish is always prepared for two people, with a weight of 130g plate. All for a sum of 45 euros . Much? Taste? Certainly a figure that takes into account not only the edible gold but also the other high quality ingredients used in the preparation.

Daniele Creti's choice: why the revisited carbonara?

Choosing to elevate carbonara through the addition of gold and sophisticated culinary techniques is not accidental. For chef Creti, this dish has a deep personal meaning linked to his "culinary childhood". When he was learning to prepare the classics of Roman cuisine, in fact, he prepared carbonara over and over again: his harshest judge was his father who, despite his Apulian origins, was in love with the pasta dishes of the Roman culinary tradition.

In conclusion, Allegrìo 's "Carbonara My Way" is not simply a dish, but a celebration of Italian cuisine that embraces the past and looks to the future, inviting its guests to discover an extraordinarily rich and surprising version of one of the most beloved recipes .

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