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Carnival Nails: harlequin, glitter, fluo, at Carnival the trendy manicure is multicolor and surprising

Purple nails Carnival

In the craziest and craziest party of the year we dare not only to look for an extravagant outfit or costume but also with a manicure, because at Carnival even the nails want a crazy and unconventional look.

Colored nails

If you are thinking of a multicolor manicure for Carnival, know that you can do much more: glitter, mirrors, drawings, millions of nails look inspo respond to the #carnivalnails on Instagram to create yourself or have you create. And it doesn't matter if you go to a Carnival party or not, because a pinch of madness is healthy and necessary and fashion allows us to express it even in this way. So let's start with showy, cheerful and super-coloured, imaginative and exaggerated nails, because at Carnival everything really counts!

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